Simple joy: Kids’ perspective

Simple joy: kids’ perspective

Travelers expect to be moved from traveling experiences.  We know there are things to take our breath away…things we’ve dreamed of seeing and places we’ve dreamed of going.

The Educational Tourist in Spain, Simple Joy: Kids' perspective,

We will always remember being there – in that special place, seeing that special thing. My first trip to Europe, I was just in awe for days that I was really there! This was really happening!

The Educational Tourist in Morocco, Simple Joy: Kids' perspective,

Kids will remember, too, but not always the same things that we will and that is ok. They remember shadows on the wall.

Child's shadow in Morocco, Simple Joy: Kids' perspective,

Sometimes they take joy in the simple things…the ‘unimportant’ things….mimicking the funny bull statue.

Girl mimicking statue, Simple Joy: Kids' perspective,

Memories of joy, from any source, are to be cherished always, Kids remember even better when they move and learn at the same time. Here we are acting like bulls in a Seville bullfighting ring.

kids pretending to be bulls in bullfighting ring in Spain, Simple Joy: Kids' perspective,

Recently, my son, while watching a movie preview in a movie theatre, nearly leapt off the seat exclaiming, “We’ve been there!”. They DO remember!

Travel, see the world, have adventures large and small. Enjoy the memories the whole family makes.

The Educational Tourist's family, Simple Joy: Kids' perspective,

Happy travels!

Natalie, The Educational Tourist

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