Hotels in Greece – Semiramis Hotel – Kifissia

Hotels in Greece – Semiramis Hotel – Kifissia

balconies of the Semiramis hotel in Kifissia Greece

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A lot of people choose hotels in Athens, Greece according to their proximity to the Acropolis and the Parthenon. I know I did for our first visit to Athens, and I enjoyed sitting on the roof in the evening and enjoying the view.

But, just as the Parthenon on the Acropolis is a fantastic part of Athens, so is the lovely neighborhood of Kifissia. This posh neighborhood is home to the hip and cool Semiramis Hotel – Kifissia.

room in Semiramis hotel in Kifissia Greece

Kifissia Greece is a neighborhood once known for the weekend homes of Athen’s wealthiest citizens. Now, the tree lined streets are frequented by tourists as well. The feel of this area is completely different from the area nearest the Acropolis – quiet, peaceful and a fantastic experience, too. It is just a short taxi or metro ride from the heart of Athens.

Semiramis is a plush 5 star hotel  in this lovely tree lined oasis near Athens. In addition to being quite plush it is also hip and stylish. The colors are crisp and the whole place has a 1960s feel. I think Austin Powers would feel right at home here!

pink arm chair mid century modern style in Semiramis hotel in Kifissia Greece

One of the coolest things ever is that this hotel has NO rooms numbers – not a single one. Instead, room has a unique symbol near the door. The symbol for our room looked a little bit like a fidget spinner. My first thought was ‘How in world will we ever find our room?’ and my 2nd thought was, ‘How do you identify yourself on the phone to the front desk or housekeeping? Hello, this is The Educational Tourist in the fidget spinner room…”  LOL ! The good news is that they escort you to your room and we never had trouble locating it. When you call housekeeping they call you by name! What would you call this room? EYE see you?

The on property hotel restaurant, Nolita, has an impressive menu and wine list. We spoke to the resident Pizza Chef but didn’t eat there. The Greeks eat late and the restaurant didn’t even open until 9:00. You won’t starve though because cookies and fruit are always complimentary in the lobby.

Pizza Chef at restaurant in Semiramis hotel in Kifissia Greece

The art here is conversation worthy. See the notecards just inside the front door to learn more about each piece. I especially like the dimension in this folded paper art.

folded paper art in restroom in Semiramis hotel in Kifissia Greece

How about this interesting piece in the lobby! The lights blink so don’t look directly at it! The kids really enjoyed this one.

Hotel amenities really add value to your stay. Pool time lets grown ups unwind and kids burn off energy. How they still have any at the end of a long sight seeing day is really beyond me! Terrycloth robes and flip flops are available in your room and the bar is nearby. The kids love the big swan floaties!

pool at Semiramis hotel in Kifissia Greece

Take a stroll down the treelined street for food and shopping in this upscale neighborhood of Kifissia Greece. Ask the concierge to recommend a restaurant if you have a certain type of food in mind. We celebrated my 50th birthday one night and our 17th wedding anniversary the next night with dinners just down the street from this hotel!

The is so much to like about the decor and hospitality you’ll find at this hip and stylish hotel – close to the heart of Athens but away from the noise and hustle and bustle. We loved it!

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