Sari Konak Hotel, Istanbul – REVIEW

Sari Konak Hotel in Istanbul

Sari Konak Hotel in Istanbul,

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Sari Konak Hotel is a lovely, family friendly, and quaint boutique hotel in the historic Sultanahmet district in Istanbul. This is THE district to stay in when you visit Istanbul because it  is also home to the Blue Mosque, Hippodrome, Topkapi Palace, Grand Bazaar, Basilica Cistern, and  Hagia Sophia. That is LOT of sight seeing all in one place! The Sari Konak Hotel is great for families because staying so close to the sights cuts down on the walking distance – great for younger kids’ legs.

This boutique hotel is a hidden surprise for you because just beyond the simple exterior lies a really pretty place. The hotel has 2 sections and we stayed in the newer section which is about 10 years old.

bedroom, Sari Konak Hotel in Istanbul,

Our two bedroom family suite, at the top of a narrow, winding staircase (no elevator/lift in this section of the hotel) is just beautiful and made me think of Paris with the pale muted decor. This lovely pink chair and chandelier greet you upon entering the room. Isn’t that a pretty spot to collapse after a long day of sight seeing?

pink chair, Sari Konak Hotel in Istanbul, www.theeducationaltourist.comchandelier, Sari Konak Hotel in Istanbul, www.theeducationaltourist.comOur suite had 2 bedrooms. The main room had a queen size bed, full size sofa, desk, refrigerator, and still plenty of floor space! The second room had 2 twin beds, and a sitting area. It was just the spot for unloading the R2D2 suitcase for our 9 year old and also gave a separate bed for our 11 year old to sprawl out with her phone to chill.

twin bed, Sari Konak Hotel in Istanbul,

The bathroom is LARGE and had all the comforts of home including soaps, shampoos, a hairdryer and scrubbing mitts. (The Turks are big fans of exfoliation! You’ll see these mitts everywhere, most importantly in the hammam for a traditional Turkish bath.)

soaps and lotions, Sari Konak Hotel in Istanbul,

The shower had two types of shower heads with plenty of water pressure and hot water. Easy to get refreshed for a full day of sight seeing with the family!

shower, Sari Konak Hotel in Istanbul,

This quiet and pretty neighborhood in Istanbul is full of restaurants, shopping, and hotels. This photo is taken from the front door!  You can see how close the Dubb restaurant is  – talk about handy! Excellent restaurants can’t get any closer than that!

street in front of hotel, Sari Konak Hotel in Istanbul,

What makes this hotel so special? In a word…it is pretty. Super picture perfect pretty! The winter courtyard is right off a picture postcard. I learned that the wall you see is ancient – history everywhere you look in Istanbul.

patio, Sari Konak Hotel in Istanbul,

This indoor sitting area is a lovely spot to relax. Notice the detailing on the ceiling and the incredible Turkish rug on the floor!

indoor sitting area with Turkish rug, Sari Konak Hotel in Istanbul,

The winter courtyard took my breath away and yet it is not the star during the summer. Head to the terrace for a summer breakfast buffet – it is in the older section of the hotel so you can take the elevator/lift!

family at breakfast, Sari Konak Hotel in Istanbul,

The owners of the hotel made the most out of their terrace with decor. It is loaded with flowers

outdoor sitting area, Sari Konak Hotel in Istanbul,

and you can see how close it is to the main sights. There is Hagia Sophia in the back of this photo.

rooftop sitting area, Sari Konak Hotel in Istanbul,

Don’t forget the food! The breakfast buffet is large and varied. Enjoy the lemonade (crazy delicious) along with Turkish coffee and tea. We had our fill of eggs, cheeses, breads, and jams. A buffet is especially good for families because there is just one price and picky young eaters can taste everything until they find something they like. Love!

buffet, Sari Konak Hotel in Istanbul,

The staff is quiet but able and willing to answer your questions. Leave them the key when you leave to have one less thing to lug around! Suat is happy to help! When you need a taxi ask the hotel to call one for you – you’ll be sure to get the best deal possible.

reception area, Sari Konak Hotel in Istanbul,

You’ll love this beautiful boutique hotel in the heart of the historic Sultanahmet District in Istanbul like our family did! Book your room today and tell them The Educational Tourist sent you! We were given a discount on our room in exchange for an honest review. Honestly – the quaint and beautiful hotel is a wonderful spot for families!

Happy and pretty family travels,

Natalie, The Educational Tourist

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