Road Trip Activities for KIDS – 5 Fun ideas

Busy and engaged kids are happy kids! Happy kids = happy parents, right? That’s why you should reconsider going ANYWHERE without fun and creative road trip activities for the kid. 

Road Trip Activities Kids

Road Trip Activities – Bookmark Monsters

These are SO cute and the possibilities for decorations are endless! Great for boys and girls of all ages. Thank you, Mrs. Peroddy, the art teacher at Becker Intermediate in MN for the idea and photo!

bookmark monsters from art teacher Mrs. Peroddy, Road Trip Activities, www.theeducationaltourist.comchild using crayons, Road Trip Activities,

For the youngest kids, cut the corners off the bills and junk mail (Finally! Something good from all that stuff!) and hand kiddo markers or crayons.

how to make a monster bookmark, Road Trip Activities,

The oldest kids can get creative with fun papers, the Sunday comics…give them a baggie of scrap paper, scissors, and a glue stick and let the fun begin!

how to make monster bookmark, Road Trip Activities,

Read the fantastic how-to from Talley’s Treasury here.

Road Trip Activities – The Egg and Bean Game Egg&BeanGame photo from Heidi's song, Road Trip Activities,

I so love this!! All you need is 1/2 an egg out of the Easter stuff the bunny brought last year and a few dried lima beans.

Peaceful and quiet play while waiting for the food to arrive at a restaurant. Even more so if you have 2 kids that can play together while you get to complete WHOLE sentences with hubby! Occupied kids while they are practicing math skills? You ARE a sneaky mom. 😉

Thank you Heidi at Heidi’s Songs for such a clever game!

Road Trip Activities – Tiniest postcard EVER!

make-worlds-smallest-photo-postcard photo from Photojojo, Road Trip Activities,

Kids love all things teeny tiny…and why not? They are so cute!! Make them to send home to family or friends OR make them for Barbies or other dolls.

Thank you, Photojojo for the idea and templet. LOVE –  and love the name  – photo-jojo…we love rhymes!

For younger kiddos without mature fine motor skills can still make a postcard: give them an index card to make their own own. It even has lines already on the back! Easy squeezy!

Road Trip Activities – PLAN ahead!

The best thing you can do to make getting to and from a vacation with little ones is to plan. Plan. Plan. Plan!!  You’ll need stuff to get there….stuff to do while you wait on the food to arrive….stuff to do on the way home….stuff in case you get stuck in the hotel with a sick kid…or stuff to do in case Plan A gets rained out.

You will NEVER regret making details plans like this. I promise!!! I like to put everything in large ziploc bags. Thankfully, the ziploc company has learned that moms use their product for everything under the sun and now there are every MORE sizes! I use the new 2 1/2 gallon size for my plans. I use two per child – one for the road trip there and one for the road trip back. I have another one for dinners as keeping the kiddos occupied at a restaurant just makes the whole experience better for ME!!!   Get more MORE tips on how to get through a meal at a restaurant here.

Thank you, ID Mommy for a very clear post on how to plan for your adventure and this great photo.

Travel Tip Photos from ID MOMMY, Road Trip Activities,

Use made just for kids travel guides by The Educational Tourist to make your journey educational and interesting! Click on your destination: Austin, Canada, London, France, Louvre, Prado, Spain, Nassua, Vatican City, Rome, London, New York

The Educational Tourist in Park City, Utah, Road Trip Activities,

Happy and peaceful travels!

Natalie, The Educational Tourist

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