Adventures in Nassau, Bahamas eBook


The overview on Nassau will help your 
child develop an understanding
of the cool and interesting things 
in Nassau; with interesting tidbits
on language, art, history, and food. 
Use this on the long plane ride over
to pass the time in a fun and educational way!

Product Description

This 27 page book is written for elementary school aged kids. The Adventures in Nassau give kids historical and fun information along with activities to help kids get excited about their trip!

Information and activities on these topics:


Geology – archipelago



Blue Marlin



Dean’s Blue Hole


Graycliff Hotel

Beach and sand

Flip flops



2 reviews for Adventures in Nassau, Bahamas eBook

  1. :

    I enjoyed reading this book. My six year old enjoyed getting involved with word scrambles, coloring and especially learning about real pirates.

  2. :

    I’m glad you enjoyed it!

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