Practice Academic Skills While Traveling – Math with KIDS

Math Skills – How to review math skills while traveling with KIDS

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Whether you are traveling during the school year or on school holiday, keeping the skills up is a great idea! It keeps kids engaged and keeps the wheels in those little brains turning! Keeping skills fresh will also make coming back to school easy and the transition smooth. I promise every teacher in the whole world wishes every kiddo did some practice over holidays. Then, the first few weeks of school wouldn’t have to be wasted on review. You CAN practice academic skills while traveling.

Flexing those math muscles can also be fun! Well, as fun as math can be, right? 😉


Help this kids keep their math skills up so they can feel this! May we all have a moment to feel as happy as Tom Hanks in the movie Castaway!

Tom Hanks in Castaway with fire, Practice Academic Skills while Traveling,

Practice Academic Skills While Traveling – Uno-Flip

Fantastic for road or airplane trips or while waiting on the food! Thank you, Christie from Childhood 101 for this fun math game. Click here for all the details.

Practice Academic Skills While Traveling – Trays on the Go

Cookie Sheets for learning games photo from We Can Do All Things, Practice Academic Skills while Traveling,

These are awesome ideas for keeping the littlest travelers actively engaged on the go! Thanks to the mommy at We Can Do All Things for these great learning trays ideas!

Start with a few cookie sheets. I like these with the edges to keep little stuff from sliding off in the car.

Add magnetic letters and numbers!

Add magnets to the back of paper dolls for story time!

Make your own paper dolls to go along with your own story!!

You can buy magnetic tape for your cookie sheet – peel and stick.

I love these little squares for the backs of the dolls. No cutting – just peel and stick.

Practice Academic Skills While Traveling –  Lego FUN!

Food Items made from Legos photo from Homeschool Encouragement, Practice Academic Skills while Traveling,

Thank you, Amy from Homeschool Encouragement for these fantastic free printables. Math practice and Writing practice and a travel fun printables.

Get the ones with all sorts of colors. Don’t lock the kids into ‘girl’ or ‘boy’ stuff!

Practice Academic Skills While Traveling – Math fact Jenga!

This would be excellent for a rainy camping day or an evening in a hotel.  Thank you, Cara from The First Grade Parade for this clever idea!

Math Fact Jenga Game photo from The First Grade Parade, Practice Academic Skills while Traveling,

You’ll need some stickers to write your facts on!

And a Jenga game!

Practice Academic Skills While Traveling – Spider Math

I had never heard of spider math. You basically write a number in the center circle which forms the spider’s body. Then the legs are ways to make that number using addition. They put cheerios on each number. This really helps kids make an abstract idea concrete so they can understand it.

Any cereal will do, but cheerios is usually a favorite and they travel really well.

Thank you Shirley’s Preschool Activities for this great idea. Use cheerios (Thank you, Rachel at The Kids Activities Blog for the cheerios twist) or goldfish if your little one needs more concrete help.

spider math using cheerios Shirley's Preschool Activities, Practice Academic Skills while Traveling,

Practice Academic Skills While Traveling – There is an app for that!


photo from BubbleMath app, Practice Academic Skills while Traveling,

Kids solve math problems and pop the bubbles! Parents set the speed and choose addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division.


photo from Mathmateer app, Practice Academic Skills while Traveling,

Kids solve problems to win game money that they use for rocket parts and build their own rockets! This game has a wide range of math skills to practice.

You can find even more math aps here at

Practice Academic Skills While Traveling – Talk to the Teacher

Be sure to share what you are doing for skills practice with your child’s teacher. Sometimes they will let you do this instead of the paper worksheets that kids miss while on vacation.

Teachers want to be your partner in your child’s learning and they value that not all learning takes place in the classroom. Work with your child’s teacher on how to keep learning going at home AND while traveling.

Send your child’s teacher this blog! She’ll appreciate posts like

How Travel Strengthens Math Skills

Reading on the Road

Math and Foreign Currency

I’m happy to help you communicate with your child’s teacher! Let me know what questions you might have! The whole world is a classroom.

The Educational Tourist at OK state capitol building in OKC

Happy and Educational Travels,

Natalie, The Educational Tourist


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