Different Points of View Make Travel Better

Kids see things differently. Vive La Difference!!

Different Points of View Make Traveling Better

A kids’ point of view is entirely different from an adults. They have a different set of experiences from which they see the world.  They even see the world from a different vantage point – physically lower than an adults’. Why wouldn’t they interpret things differently?

Little Boy’s Point of View

What do you see here? Most adults will say this is a candy cane.

Kids' Point of View - Candy Cane

But an 8 year old boy looks at the same candy and sees – hooks for pirate arms. ARRR Matey!


This candy cane also functions as a scoop for carrying around grinchy sorts.


Teacher’s Point of View:

Teachers are creative, clever people who can make one thing out of another.  In this case most people see toilet plungers, but my 10 year old’s creative teacher sees these as notes to show you are at the bathroom. Stick one on your desk when you leave!


Little Girl’s Point of View:

Adults would look around a see sticks. NO way!! Little girls see swords…


Traveling Points of View:

When you travel each member of the traveling group will experience things differently. Don’t fight it! Vive La Difference!


Tips for using different points of view to make the vacation fantastic for everyone!

Try to see things from a kids’ point of view.

Kids find fascination in things parents often miss out on entirely. Take time to listen to them talk about what they see. My kids were so fascinated by the stray cats they saw in Morocco and before they mentioned them I hardly noticed. They counted the cats and I listened – putting value in what they wanted to see.

Perspective - Cats in Morocco

Let kids take photos and don’t tell them what they can and can’t take photos of. That is easier said than done sometimes! We think we know what is an important memory, but how can we really decide what that can be for another person?

When my kids took this photo I was so surprised. My son happily poses in front of a department store window and my daughter happily takes his photo. But in my adult mind…Rome’s famous Trevi fountain was literally feet in the opposite direction!!! Why are you taking a photo in front of an ordinary window! LOL! It doesn’t matter – and shouldn’t matter to me, the adult. It was important to them and that is good enough.

Perspective - Kid taking photo

My husband had to squat down to have his face show in kiddo’s photo. 🙂 This photo was taken at the Vatican in Italy – though I realize it is hard to tell.

Point of View - child's view

Help them see things from your point of view.

Kids are naturally egocentric, which means of course, that they think the world literally revolves around them. Getting to know mom and dad as a real person helps them see the world outside of themselves. Share your interests with the kids. My husband is a geologist so he often points out rocks or fossils that he sees. Showing the kids how you see things will broaden their horizon. We all grow when we see things from another perspective.

Perspective - Looking at Fossils

Place value in trip memories.

Just like you kids will remember what seems most valuable to them. Will that be a statue or famous art piece like the Mona Lisa? Will that be a famous castle or bridge? Will it be learning to play checkers with dad in a hotel room in Spain? The end result is the same – they loved the trip and will remember it forever and so will you!


These are the memories they’ll hold with them their whole lives…conversations, games, and times to walk arm in arm with your aunt.


Prepare them before the trip.

Preparing the kids for a trip will give them a foundation upon which they’ll place information. Think of the prep before a trip as an appetizer and the trip as the meal itself. Preparation will help calm nerves kids might have about what they’ll see and eat and where they will sleep.

Use movies, books, and food as fun ways to get everyone thinking about your destination before you go. We have llamas that have been walking with us as we train our legs for the next trip – hiking at Machu Picchu in Peru!

Point of view - llamas

Don’t be afraid to see the world with your kids in tow. They make the experience all the more rich! Use that opportunity to strengthen your family connections and make memories you’ll keep forever.





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Happy Travels,

Natalie, The Educational Tourist

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