Planning a family adventure

Multigenerational Travel

Everyone loves the idea of a family trip, but with so many ages and backgrounds and interests, how do you make it wonderful for everyone? How do you make everyone happy? Different ages? Different attention spans? Different tolerances?

The Educational Tourist and family at Alhambra in Spain, Planning a Family Adventure,

Planning a family adventure – What does everyone want to see?

The answers to those questions before our Spain and Morocco adventures:

What do you hope to see?

Hubby: motorcycles

man at Segovia's aquaduct,  Planning a Family Adventure,

Grandmother: scenery

grandmother with tea,  Planning a Family Adventure,

Aunt: Jewelry and Churches

woman in purple hat with tea,  Planning a Family Adventure,

Kids: We don’t know!

laughing children,  Planning a Family Adventure,

The Educational Tourist: History and Museums

The Educational Tourist with paella,  Planning a Family Adventure,

What is a “NO way” about that destination?

Someone afraid of heights? Allergic to seafood? Is someone terrified of of caves?

If there is someone who hates animals then avoid planning adventures like swimming with dolphins or riding camels. Or plan for optional activities.

Planning a family adventure – Address worries

The Educational Tourist and family in front of statue,  Planning a Family Adventure,

Grandmother worries: not being able to keep up with the fast paced group

First, get training! Second, plan rest stops and reasonable mileage for the day!

The Educational Tourist: concerns about kids missing school

Visit the teacher. What will the miss? What can your take with you? (Plenty of time on the plane for homework!) Can the journal they keep on the road substitute for something? Can they write up a report on what they’ve seen for credit?

Kids: We won’t find our favorite foods.

Try out foods you’ll see on the road before you go. There is something you can eat – everywhere. If your kid likes pasta, bread, or rice then you can feed them everywhere. I have one that won’t eat any of those things and have lots of advice if you have one that is super picky or has food issues. Holler and let me know!

Planning a family adventure – Research.

woman and barbary macaque in Gibraltar,  Planning a Family Adventure,

Motorcyclist in your group?

Head to a factory! Rent a motorcycle for the day. Have a race car experience by driving on the track.

Jewelry lover?

See local artists design. Take a class! Seek out the bead store. See what local designs are based upon.

Something new for kids?

Read up on what the kids will love. The Educational Tourist has all that for you in Ebooks. Look for your destination: Spain, Canada, Louvre, Vatican City, France, New York, Austin, London, Prado, and Nassau.


Try what is local. The oldest restaurant…or the local fare…locally made wine. Ravioli in Bologna, Paella in Spain and Gelato in Italy!

Planning a family adventure –  Plan.

kids making bread in moroccan oven,  Planning a Family Adventure,

Include something for everyone. Teach the group about interests outside their own. Visit the motorcycle factory where kids and grownups alike can see manufacturing in action and learn about safety, assembly lines, and quality assurance in a fascinating way!

Watch the glass blowing in Morano, Italy with new eyes when you have background in the process. Then, it isn’t just for the jewelry lover in the group. Everyone is interested!

Art comes alive when you know the story behind the art. Teach the kids the mythological, religious, or political statement behind the art. Otherwise the museum is room after room after room of naked statues and somber paintings.

Planning a family adventure – Enjoy!

grandmother and granddaughter on bench,  Planning a Family Adventure,

The memories you make during a multigenerational vacation are priceless and will last lifetimes. Never underestimate the moments that are savored when you spend time together unencumbered by the day to day stress and routine.

The Educational Tourist laughing,  Planning a Family Adventure,

Want help planning the nitty-gritty of your family vacation? I can plan it for you – a little or a lot. Book now for a free consultation!

The Educational Tourist,  Planning a Family Adventure,

Happy travels and memories,

Natalie, The Educational Tourist

The Educational Tourist,  Planning a Family Adventure,












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