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Visit Rome’s Colosseum with KIDS

Visit Rome’s Colosseum with KIDS The Colosseum is a building marvel and fascinating place for kids of all ages. Built with the newly invented concrete between 70 and 80 AD it is the largest...

Rome, Visit Rome with KIDS: 12

Visit Rome with kids

Visit Rome with KIDS Rome, the Eternal City. What a glorious destination. Some have the misguided opinion that it is not for families, not for children. They are so mistaken. We took our then...


Educational Tourist Families Travel!

  Educational Tourist Families TRAVEL! Get all the tips and tidbits and information you need to make a family travel trip the adventure of a lifetime right here with The Educational Tourist. What tips...


Order your book now!

Miss ET is pleased to announce the upcoming release of her new book: The Kids’ Travel Guide to ROME: A New Adventure Series with the Educational Tourist


Curious Kids – Pablo Picasso Facts

Curious Kids – Pablo Picasso Facts *may contain affiliate links* Tell the truth…is this what you think of when you hear the word Picasso? Modern art? Two noses per person? You are not alone. Picasso...