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Travel Quotes

Travel quotes are inspirational, fun, and make for great daydreaming! Travel bloggers weigh in with their favorite travel quotes: One of my favorite twists on a classic travel quote from Conversant Traveller: Charlotte Beeby...


Painters Tape: Add To Your Travel Checklist

 Painters Tape: A Must Addition To Your Travel Checklist 1 – Use Painters Tape to hold the hotel curtains together. Don’t let that annoying stream of light wake you up! AWe all know it is...


Sorella Swim – REVIEW

Remember lounging by the pool? Sipping drinks with umbrellas and gazing over perfectly painted toes at the ocean? That was before kids….Now as a mom your days at the pool and the beach are...

cistern in Istanbul 2

Turkey photo essay: Family Adventure

A photo is worth one thousand words, right? Let the daydreaming about a family travel adventure begin! Turkey Photo Essay Turkey Photo Essay:  Instanbul Spice market – Incredible spot to explore with the kids-...


Camel Riding in Morocco with KIDS

Camel Riding in Morocco with KIDS When you research a family trip to Morocco  you will come across camel rides. Should you go camel riding with the kids? Is it too ‘touristy’? We decided...


Travel Hacks for the best possible trip

Travel hacks to make the journey more pleasant   The journey is always a part of the fun AND making it easier really helps you arrive fresh and ready to explore the world! What...


As seen on MilKIDS

The Educational Tourist is proud to contribute to MilKIDS.   Tips on how to plan an educational field trip or make a regularly scheduled family trip educational. 


Snake Charming in Morocco

Snake Charming Snake charming now: Snake charming is a performance of someone who pretends to hypnotize a snake and handles it in what looks like a dangerous fashion – perhaps even kissing it or...