Packing TIPS

Summertime is upon us and that means vacation! Woohoo!


And so, you’ll see lots and lots of posts and articles on how to pack.


Roll vs fold….ziploc baggie vs packing ‘cube’.


Backpack vs suitcase….big suitcase vs carry-on


Cool tips like…how to keep all your jewelry organized.


What is my advice? Drum roll, please…..   😉


Pack light.


The only ‘tip’ you need is to pack light. It isn’t clever, I know, but it is the best advice. No one ever brags, “Every year I pack heavier!”


How light?

Kid packing list:

3 pants (2 in suitcase – wearing one)

3 tops (2 in suitcase – wearing one)

2 shoes (1 in suitcase – wearing one)

jacket (check weather – if it is warm then leave this at home)

poncho (cheap thin ones are best)


undies (5 pair PLUS the one they are wearing)

socks (5 pair PLUS the  pair they are wearing)

swimsuit (check to see if the pool is open, heated, and available….these are very unusual in Europe – if not leave this at home!)



**********Extras like toys/lovies, etc go in the child’s carry-on…NOT the family suitcase*******

There you have it.

Rolling? Folding? When you are talking about 2 outfits…it doesn’t really matter. I do put undies and socks in a giant ziploc baggie (No, I don’t own stock in Zip-loc, but maybe I should! Love them!) because those things are small and seem to float around the suitcase.

But, you say….I’ll be gone for 10 days/2 weeks? That isn’t enough clothes to get us through!  No, it isn’t. You must wash


or have someone wash for you.


See my post on laundry:

Swishing a few things around in the sink at the end of the travel day is really no big deal. It never takes more than a few minutes. Easy peezy! When in Rome! Or Morocco….


What is your favorite packing tip? I’d love to hear from you!


Happy travels,

Natalie, The Educational Tourist


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