Omni Royal Hotel New Orleans

Omni Royal Hotel New Orleans

Ah, New Orleans… how to music and food and Mardi Gras! We stayed at the Omni Royal Hotel New Orleans on St. Louis street just before Christmas. I was so excited to see the decorations in town and was not disappointed. ┬áSee the glorious hotel lobbies with Christmas decorations of all sorts!

The Omni Royal Hotel lobby had some very traditional trees and swags of greenery. The simple white lights added an elegant flavor which matched the decor perfectly.

Christmas trees, lobby Omni Royal Hotel New Orleans,

The room was all that you would expect. It was clean, pretty, and comfortable.

Sadly, the service wasn’t what I expected. The ladies at the front desk put us off saying our room would be ready ‘soon’ and finally gave us a time. We headed out to eat and arrived long after the time promised for our room to be ready. Still…the room was ‘next to be cleaned and should be ready in about 30 minutes’. We balked saying we were well past the arrival time and the front desk lady said they were trying to get us into an upgraded suite and that was the cause for the delay.

So, we decided to walk around the area for a bit and stretch our legs. In about 45 minutes we returned and hoped to get our key to the room and settle in. It was a business trip for my husband and he had to prepare for a meeting later that day. But still….the room wasn’t ready. From a different lady at the front desk we were told, “the maid is just starting to clean the room right now” and that it would be 45 more minutes. Now, honestly….when was the last time you think a maid spent 45 minutes cleaning ONE hotel room and….wasn’t she just starting that process earlier?

Finally, we realized that all the delay was them trying to get us into an upgraded room which we cared nothing about. They gave us the room we originally planned on, which was very comfortable and nice, and the rest of the stay was uneventful.

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I would chalk this mediocre service to a misunderstanding about the room, but….. the service here at the Omni Royal Hotel New Orleans was at best mediocre at every turn. The doorman did not stop his conversation with a friend when he opened the door instead of greeting hotel guests. The bellman ignored us as we passed and so on. I’m always curious about poor service. It is because so many of the guests were there with a business conference so they don’t ‘count’ as guests that choose to come to a place? Are their guests often business travelers? Do they not deserve good service, too? Or…is good service just a dying art?

With soooo many choices in New Orleans, I’d recommend that you stay elsewhere. Not all was a loss though – we had a fantastic time in New Orleans as always. My new top favorite thing is the Mardi Gras World factory where they make all the floats and the Chick Fil A cows!

What is your opinion of the future of service? Is it dying out?

Happy Travels,

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