Oklahoma Aquarium: Tulsa Visit

Oklahoma Aquarium Visit Tulsa

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Oklahoma Aquarium: Hands on Learning

Learning at the Oklahoma Aquarium isn’t just from watching. Some exhibits are hands on! Kids can pet the hermit crabs and feed the turtles.

Oklahoma Aquarium Exhibit

Watch biologists and divers feed different species. I giggled at this glove near the electric eel tank – notice it has a maximum voltage note written on it!

Oklahoma Aquarium: Voltage Glove

Oklahoma Aquarium: Behind the Scenes

Call ahead to schedule a behind the scenes tour. This was our favorite part! As fish have life spans and sometimes need to be replaced, new fish arrive at the aquarium frequently. How are young fish delivered? Through the mail, of course! They are put into small tupperware type containers for mailing. When they arrive at the aquarium young fish are put into a growing tank until they are large enough to go into the main display tanks.

Oklahoma Aquarium Growing Tanks

These guys are happily waiting for their big debut in the display tanks visitors see daily.

Oklahoma Aquarium Tulsa Fish nursery

Oklahoma Aquarium: Rescue Animals

Some animals are born without normal camouflage characteristics which would keep them from surviving in their natural habitats. Several albino turtles are safe and sound living here.

Oklahoma Aquarium: New Exhibits Coming

Exhibits are being expanded all the time! It is cool to see the process…do you see cement, styrofoam and chicken wire?

Oklahoma Aquarium New Exhibit

Coming late 2016 is a sea turtle exhibit! This large exhibit will hold 65,000 gallons of water and will be home for two 300 pound loggerhead sea turtles and a few sharks and fish for company.  You can visit the sea turtles who are waiting on the exhibit to open. Check the website for the Saturday visiting time each month!

Oklahoma Aquarium Sea Turtle Exhibit coming 2016

Oklahoma Aquarium: Shark Adventure

The Siegfried Families Shark Adventure is a 500,000 gallon tank which is home to the largest collection of bull sharks in the US. Even cooler than that is the tunnel! You can walk in a tunnel built through the tank giving you a look at the sharks swimming around and above you. Not all sharks need to move constantly to survive. You’ll see nurse sharks happily hanging out on the bottom of the tank while the bull sharks swim all around.

Enjoy a shark cage and interactive exhibits about sharks!

Oklahoma Aquarium Shark Senses

If you enjoy sharks during the day, you’ll love sleeping with them! Yes, you can have a sleepover at the aquarium! The evening starts at 7:00 pm you’ll have a scavenger hunt, flashlight tour, and a movie before snuggling in your sleeping bag for sweet dreams. BYOSB. (Bring your own sleeping bag.) Check with the aquarium for to reserve your spot! Coming in 2016:October 14.

Oklahoma Aquarium: Events!

The Oklahoma Aquarium isn’t just for daytime visits. Book the space for your wedding, prom, reunion, or company party! With 86,000 square feet, there is plenty of room for fun!

Take the time to visit this wonderful aquarium during a visit to Tulsa. Learn and enjoy!

We were given free tickets to this cool aquarium in exchange for this honest review. Honestly – LOVED it!

Happy Travels,

Natalie, The Educational Tourist

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