NOMA Sculpture Garden – Visit with KIDS

NOMA Sculpture Garden – Visit with KIDS

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New Orleans Sculpture Garden is a fun way to explore art with KIDS. There is plenty of space to run around, the kids can be as loud as they want and the art is BIG!

Exposing kids to art is a great way to get their little brains thinking outside the box. Art is a great way to start conversations and let little ones express their honest opinion. There is no wrong when you appreciate art!! An important part of art appreciation is understanding that you don’t have to like it. Yes, you read that correctly. You don’t have to like art – or even understand it and that is OK! It doesn’t mean you aren’t ‘cultured’ or whatever.

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The sculpture garden is outside the museum. When you are facing the museum entrance…head to the left of the building. Pick up a map at the entrance and walk around exploring. Kids love to talk about art. Let them express their opinion. You don’t have to like, or even understand art, to be moved by it. Laugh, ponder, and wonder. Artists love to make you think.

The Blue Dog by George Rodrigue is here, but there is more than one and they aren’t all blue! Look all the way around him to appreciate the usually blue dog in other colors. Ask the kids why the dog is called ‘Blue’ if he isn’t? The truth is that the original blue dog really is blue, but at some point the artist decided to branch out in his colors like these statues.

The Blue Dog, NOMA Sculpture Garden,

Isn’t “Blue Dog” a funny name for a yellow dog?

the blue dog - but yellow! NOMA Sculpture Garden,

Read up on the fun blue dog before you go!

Enjoy the Blue Dog year round with this calendar. This is an inexpensive way to enjoy this slice of American pop culture. Showing your kids famous art gives them a foundation that includes an understanding of parodies. They’ll be miles ahead of their friends who won’t recognize references to famous art works.

What’s not to love about this one by Robert Indiana? It is named…..Love! Now that is a name that makes sense.

NOMA Sculpture Garden,

Is anyone old enough to know what this actually is? It is titled “Corridor Pin, Blue” by Coosje van Bruggen and Claes Oldenburg. I’d call it ‘Diaper Pin’. Gross the kids out by telling them what diapers were like before disposable pampers. They will be all giggles and you’ll have calls of ‘GROSS’ when you tell them how diapers used to be rinsed in the toilet and then kept in a bucket of soapy water till they could be washed. Enjoy their shock.

NOMA Sculpture Garden,

I love Hercules the Archer by Antoine Bourdelle. What is he shooting at? Where is the string? Do you think there was a string that has fallen off over the years or was it missing from the beginning?

Hercules the Archer by Antoine Bourdelle, NOMA Sculpture Garden,

If I asked you to close your eyes and think of the ‘Perfect Vehicle’ would you think of these vases? Neither would I! Wonder what Allan McCollum was thinking when he named these “Perfect Vehicles” in 1988? What are these ‘vehicles’ carrying?

Perfect Vehicles, NOMA Sculpture Garden,

Letter, letters everywhere! Call out letters and ask the little ones to find them in the sculpture called Overflow by Jaume Plensa.

NOMA Sculpture Garden,

The letters outlining this man do not spell anything, but are to represent  “how life’s experiences are forever with us and apart of us”.

This quote is really interesting and gives a jumping off point to talk about how important it is to choose carefully the words we use when we talk to each other. Kind comments like “I love you!” and unkind words all become a part of us – FOREVER. Even young children can recall a comment someone made that to them that made them feel good – or feel bad. We should all choose our words wisely.  Use this opportunity to talk to the kids about their experiences.

The Blue Dog, NOMA Sculpture Garden,

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Talking about art can be a lot of fun. Enjoy the outdoors, letting kids stretch their legs, and getting conversations started. Make memories!

Happy travels,

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