Places to Visit in New York City – NYC Public Library

Places to Visit in New York City – NYC Public Libary

How to Visit with the Kids

Libraries might not seem like the most obvious thing to add to the sight seeing list, but this one needs to be! Walk through beautiful Bryant park on your way to the NYC public library.

NYC Public Library –  The Original Winnie the Pooh and friends

Yes, Christopher Robin was a real boy and Winnie the Pooh and the rest of the gang were his real toys. Kids LOVE knowing that kids just like them and toys just like theirs have been made into stories at the library. It will make the whole gang smile to see the original Winnie the Pooh.

It will have them talking about the stories they create and stories you tell them. Ask them to think about making stories from their toys! Great idea for what to do while waiting on dinner later in the day!

The Educational Tourist and the REAL Winnie the Pooh, New York Public Library Visit,

All of the original Winnie the Pooh gang is here except Roo who was lost back in the 1930s. These well loved toys are fresher now after being refurbished in time for Winnie the Pooh’s 95th birthday.

You’ll find original Winnie the Pooh and friends in the children’s section of the NYC public library. It was interesting to be ‘sight seeing’ in a room full of moms and littles reading stories on a very normal day out to the library. It is really fun to see a glimpse into real New York life. Don’t miss the lego models of the lion statues there, too!

The New York City Lion out of legos, New York Public Library Visit,

NYC Public Library Visit: Lion Statues

The NYC public library is safely guarded by two very grand stone lions outside. The NYC library lions were named Persistence and Fortitude by the mayor of NYC, F. LaGuardia, The airport was named after him, during the 1930s.

Lion statue in front of New York Public Library, New York Public Library Visit,

The names of the NYC library lions come from a Ralph Waldo Emerson quote, “Patience and fortitude conquer all things.” These great names were chosen for a city struggling to get through a tough time – the depression. Now, they stand proudly as a reminder that together, by working hard, we can get through even the toughest of times.

Cool tidbit: Not too far away at the Morgan library you can find lionesses also sculpted by Edward Clark Potter. They are not as crisp but fun to see the rest of the lion pride.

Lioness statue at the Morgan Library, New York Public Library Visit,

NYC Public Library Visit: Exhibitions

This library is host to some amazing exhibitions! When I visited last, there was a long line out the front door and down the steps of folks waiting to see the Alexander Hamilton exhibit. Go online to see what fascinating exhibit will be at the New York Public Library  during your visit.

NYC Public Library Visit: Notice the building

Column at New York Public Library, New York Public Library Visit,

This glorious building is a sight to behold: huge, stately and ornate. Built in 1897, this building was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1965.

Ceiling inside New York Public Library, New York Public Library Visit,

The kids will enjoy details like this lion. Is he guarding the ‘watering hole’ or is he wanting a drink?

Lion on water fountain in New York Public Library, New York Public Library Visit,

This place is HUGE!! The main reading room stretches two full city blocks. The library has 88 miles of shelves which hold 7.7 million volumes.

NYC Public Library Visit: You’ve seen it in movies.

This building has been shown in so many movies! Most recently you’ve seen it in movies like Oblivion (2013) and The Day after Tomorrow (2004). Also, the library is referred to in many works of literature (How fitting, right?) like the mystery Death Walks the Marble Halls by L. Blochman and Duplicate Keys by J. Smiley. See the entire list of the New York public library as seen in popular culture here.

NYC Public Library Visit: Coffee Break

Amy's bread, New York Public Library Visit,

Take a coffee break, sit for a spell and look over the goodies you bought from the book store. Or, pour over the map before you head out the door to your next adventure destination. Amy’s Bread has a small kiosk in the front atrium. Great for getting everyone hydrated and caffeinated and sugared up 😉 before heading out for a walk! Full tummies make happy travelers.

NYC Public Library Visit: Engage the kids

During your New York city trip with the kids keep them entertained and learning with the Adventures in New York travel guide for kids!

On sale now! Click, download, and print!

Adventures in NY travel guide, New York Public Library Visit,

Visiting New York City means lots of things to see!

Use the New York City Pass to save money AND time. Get 40% off the top sights you’ll see anyway and many times a City Pass holder skips the long line.  Click below and have it sent right to your home OR pick it up in New York City when you arrive. 
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Wherever your travels take you, The Educational Tourist can help you plan the perfect trip!

The Educational Tourist and kids in Hawaii, New York Public Library Visit,

Happy learning travels!

Natalie, The Educational Tourist

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  1. I love the New York Public library! I used to come here for my lunch break everyday ’cause I worked at the Metlife building. I love the free arts and crafts section they have outside for kids.

  2. Meg says:

    I have visited New York and definitely know I walked past the library but can’t recall whether or not I actually went inside. I loved the fact about 88 miles of shelving and the staggering 7.7 million volumes. There’s something so exciting to me about all those words inside that building just waiting to be discovered. Next time I visit the USA I’ll make sure I finally visit the library!

    • NatalieTanner says:

      It is worth a trip – even a quick one. Super cool to see the lions and Winnie the Pooh, himself! But, the list of things to see in NYC is sooo long! I’m heading there again soon for a quick trip and am still working on my very long list of things I want to see. I have no idea how long it would take to see it all….you’d probably have to live there a long, long time! Thanks for stopping by!

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