New Orlean’s Presbytere Mardi Gras

Louisiana State Museum: Presbytere

Just off the must see Jackson Square in the heart of New Orlean’s French Quarter is the Presbytere. This historical building houses exhibits from the Louisiana State Museum. Inside you’ll find an exhibition the devastating Hurricane Katrina and an exhibit on Mardi Gras which includes costumes!!


Presbytere Mardi Gras – Costumes

Close up Mardi Gras costume, Presbytere Mardi Gras,

It is hard to imagine you can get SO many sequins on just one costume. These costumes are really amazing up close. Stand near one to gain a feeling of the sheer size.

Presbytere Mardi Gras – Kings and Queens

For the lucky kings and queens of Mardi Gras, they are gifted with small versions of their unique costumes on Barbie and Ken.


Each year a krewe will choose a representative to be their king and/or queen. Some kings are voted, some pay for the honor and there are other ways to become king. The fun, say the krewes, is that there really are no rules!

Presbytere Mardi Gras – Bling

Mardi Gras crowns and sceptres, Presbytere Mardi Gras,

Each king and queen of Mardi Gras has a unique crown and scepter. I love the impressive and outlandish designs.

Presbytere Mardi Gras – History

Mardi Gras has been around for a long time and over the years has grown to include many teams, called krewes, who create the floats. Learn all about the teams and their backgrounds and see examples of wonderful costumes.

Presbytere Mardi Gras – Throws

When you think Mardi Gras, do you think of beads? The throwing of trinkets to the crowds began in the early 1870s. Beads quickly became popular and now 250 MILLION beads are thrown every year!

Each person on a float purchases their own throws and often spends as much thousands on throws like beads!

Presbytere Mardi Gras – Krewes

Bacchus krewe coin, Presbytere Mardi Gras,

A krewe is a group of people who get together for Mardi Gras fun. In New Orleans there are 50+ krewes.

Each krewe is responsible for hosting a Mardi Gras ball and for creating a float. The krewe spends a lot of their own money on the organization. When you are a member of a krewe you get to ride on a float!

Interesting tidit: It is New Orlean’s city ordinance that anyone riding on a Mardi Gras float is required to wear a mask.

Presbytere – Porta Potties

Porta Potty, Presbytere,

Gotta love the nod to porta potties which are a big part of any parade. Don’t worry! Open the door and find a regular indoor bathroom inside.

The Presbytere

Allow 1 – 1/2 hours to visit

Adults $6 Seniors $5 Children 12 and under FREE

If you plan on visiting more than one museum be sure to buy the tickets at the same time and save 20%.

Click here for all the details for your Presbytere visit.

Mardi Gras seahorse costume, Presbytere Mardi Gras,

If you love the costumes, you’ll love the floats you can see where they make the floats! Read my post on Mardi Gras World.  Seeing the floats and the creatures that ride on them was SOO much fun!

Happy Travels,

Natalie, The Educational Tourist

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