Nassau, Bahamas: Visit with Kids

Visit Nassau, Bahamas with the Kids

The Bahamas is part of the vast Commonwealth realms of Queen Elizabeth herself; and archipelago of 700 islands but only 40 islands are inhabited.  Archipelago is a fancy word for a string of islands. A lot of visitors arrive here from a cruise – Disney cruises come here,too!

Nassau Bahamas Disney Cruise

The Bahamas has a creepy factor because it is inside the Bermuda Triangle!  The 500,000 square miles of ocean surrounding the islands has been the source of lots of legends and mysterious happenings. Even Christopher Columbus wrote about seeing a great flash of light one night! Some think that Shakespeare’s play The Tempest is based on a real life Bermuda Triangle shipwreck.

Come to Nassau, Bahamas and enjoy the fantastic weather no matter the time of year. It only has two seasons. Summer has an average high temperature of 85 degrees lasts from April – October. Winter, on the other hand, has an average low temperature of 75 degrees from October – April. Brr…tough winter, right?

What to do while you are at Nassau, Bahamas?

Blue Lagoon Island Dolphin Encounters

Nassau, Bahamas dolphin

In waist deep water you can splash with the dolphins or suit up and actually swim with them! Kiddos must be at least 6 and until they are 12 a paid adults must swim with them. This is a very friendly experience and they can accommodate anyone – shy swimmers or non-swimmers along with persons with special needs. The entire facility is wheel chair accessible including the dolphin encounter where they can provide a waterproof wheelchair if needed.

What’s not to love about dolphins? Dolphins are mammals just like people! Cool dolphin fact: They get all their water from the food they eat, so even though they live in the water, they don’t drink it.

Pirates of Nassau


AR, matey! If your group loves pirates then this interactive museum is for you! Learn about The Golden Age of Piracy when Nassau was a base for pirates. The bay here in Nassau was easy to get in with the pirate’s fast and small boats, but impossible to maneuver by large war ships of the time like the man o’ war. Pirates were able to zip in and out making the waters nearby used for trade shipping terribly unsafe.

Not only was it the perfect place for pirates to hide, but they loved the beauty. The legend is that when pirates slept they didn’t dream of heaven, but dreamt of Nassau!

Read before you go!

I LOVE this book about pirates. Rowdy: The Pirate Who Could Not Sleep by Darcy Pattison.

Read before you go: Rowdy: The Pirate Who Could Not Sleep

Miss Whitney, captain of the pirate ship, is having a hard time sleeping. She sends her crew to find a lullaby. The rich language in this book will have you and your little pirates smiling while thinking happy thoughts about your visit to Nassau, Bahamas.

Graycliff Hotel


This 18th century hotel  was built by a famous pirate: Captain John Howard Graysmith. He was a successful pirate which made him rich but he was afraid of losing his spoils. You’ll be in good company as the Graycliff  Hotel has hosted some famous people like the Beatles, Sir Winston Churchill, and Aristotle Onassis.

Thirsty? The Graycliff Hotel has one of the largest private wine collections in the world! This winner of the Wine Spectator Grand Award since 1988 has a collection including bottles from 15 countries and over 400 wineries.

Who ever heard of  a vacation without chocolate? Thank you, reader Tanya Hart Hanchon, for mentioning the Graycliff Chocolate Factory that is inside the hotel. Take the factor tour with Captain Choco and learn about cacao beans and how they are processed.

Nassau: cocoa beans growing

Then create your own chocolate masterpiece! You can use ingredients like mango, lime and find out the answer to everyone’s question….Does chocolate and bacon really make everything better?

Nassau, Bahamas - beach

If you are taking the kids, you’ll want the eBook Travel Guide for Nassau! Keep the kids busy, interested in your adventure and keep their reading and writing skills up!


Happy Travels,

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