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Not all sight seeing is done with your eyes! Food can be a feast for the soul as well as the body. Trying new things is fun and is part of the fun on every journey. Talk to the kids about the similarities and differences of the meals in your vacation spot compared to the ones at home! I often come home with new recipes of our favorites – like lentil soup from Morocco! Making a dish from your travels is a great way to reminisce about a trip.

We stayed inside the kasbah in Tangier, Morocco. The lovely La Maison Blanche hotel had once been a family home and we so enjoyed the beautiful surroundings. Breakfast was served on the roof which gave us a view of the rest of the area. I loved seeing the beautiful area as much as I did the clothes hanging on rooftops to dry. We are so much more alike than different. The table setting was beautiful and we enjoyed new things like amlou butter (like peanut butter) made from argan oil and almonds. It was thinner than our thick nut butters and very tasty.

My kids love pancakes and we were excited to try the Moroccan version. Moroccan pancakes come in two different types. Beghrir is like a french crepe and is pretty familiar to Americans. It is soft and has a mild taste. The other pancake is traditional to the Berber people who are indigenous to the Moroccan part of Africa. Their pancake is a little harder and has a stronger taste. It reminds me of a tortilla.

Watch the video below to see a demonstration of how the Moroccan’s give flair to the simple task of pouring tea! Enjoy reading about our Moroccan adventure with the related posts:

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