Moroccan Doors

Traveling gives wonderful opportunities to stop and smell the roses. Each destination brings something beautiful to admire. In Morocco, that means taking time to admire the doors. They’ve been decorated and painted in so many lovely ways. The detail is gorgeous.

Moroccan Doors

Many of the doors in Tangier, Morocco have a Moorish design flavor. The Moors were a group of Muslim people who lived in the Iberian, Peninsula, Sicily and Matla during the middle ages. Their architecture is common in this area and uses Islamic elements like the arch.

Moroccan Doors – Arch

The Moorish design often includes an arch. This one is very common and even has three names. This arch is called the keyhole arch, the horseshoe arch, and the Moorish arch.

pink door in Tangier Morocco

You can really see where they get the term keyhole arch with this door.

Grey keyhole arch on ornate Moroccan door, Moroccan Doors,

Ornate keyhole arch on Moroccan door in Tangier, Moroccan Doors,

Moroccan Doors – Carving

This one is my favorite and was inside our hotel. The wood carving was gorgeous! When the door is shut you can see the carving on both the door and the arch.

Carved wooded Moroccan Door with arch, Moroccan Doors,

Even open you can see the carved arch which is stunning. I SO need one of these in my own house!

carved wooden door in Kasbah of Tangiers Morocco

It might look like we had to travel far and wide to get so many lovely photos of doors, but we didn’t. It is amazing how MANY there are- every where you look! Imagine the time spent on this door by a talent artisan.

carved wooden door, Moroccan Doors,


Moroccan Doors – Bright colors

The colors are vibrant and really stand out against the white washed walls of the Kasbah.


Green door with metal rivets in Morocco, Moroccan Doors,


I love the cobalt blue color – such vibrancy! Moroccans love blue and you’ll see it in the lovely designs of tile in Morocco. Jacques Majorelle, a painter loved the blues of Morocco so much he created his own called….. Majorelle blue and used it in a the Marjorelle Garden in Marrakesh.

cobalt blue ornate Moroccan Door, Moroccan Doors,

Moroccan Doors – Such Detail

We found Tangiers, Morocco to be so colorful – literally and figuratively! Just an assault of wonderful things to see.

metal door Tangier Morocco

Purple Moroccan door with keyhole arch, Moroccan Doors,

Moroccan Doors – Zillige

The art of Moroccan tile called zellige has a rich history and the designs come from Muslim artists creating beauty without using representations of living things. The results can be seen around the county of Morocco and around the world.

stone keyhole arch with tile in Tangier, Morocco, Moroccan Doors,

Wherever your travels take you, be sure to smell the roses, or admire the doors and soak in your destination. Make memories to last a lifetime!

The Educational Tourist in Tangier, Morocco, Moroccan Doors,


Happy Travels,

Natalie, The Educational Tourist

The Educational Tourist logo, Moroccan Doors,

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  1. theglobewanderers says:

    Ah I love a good door photo! I have to stop myself regularly from filling up my instagram feed with them ;). This post is great. Isn’t Morocco just beautiful!? Looking forward to reading more about your adventures and seeing more door photos of course 😉


    • NatalieTanner says:

      Thanks! I didn’t realize just how many we had seen until I got home and looked at the photos! It makes mine at home seem very, very plain! I hope to see more colorful doors on our upcoming visit to Turkey. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. What a fun collection of door photos! I love every day objects that are also beautiful, and embarrassed my kids by oohing and aahing over tiled staircases (and photographing them). Thanks for sharing these pics!

    • NatalieTanner says:

      Thank you! I love tile, too – such detail and color! I would love to have my staircase tiled! Ah…..the dream. 😉 Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Love the carvings – such intricate details! My front door looks so boring in comparison!

  4. onlybyland says:

    I have been to Morocco a couple of times, I did appreciate the architecture but I didn’t pay much attention to the doors. In fact you’ve inspired me to look at the doors in every country, I’m sure it will result in a few great pictures. Portugal springs to mind for some reason as a destination with unique doors.

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