More Gift Ideas for the Traveler

Wondering what to get that hard to buy for traveler? Here are some great ideas!

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Get all your shopping done online with a few clicks. The holidays are really busy, too busy so buy your gifts the easy way and cross that off your list!

More Gift Ideas for the Traveler – USB Flash Thumb Drive

Travelers need to carry thumb drives for different reasons. We carry them for all our travel photos. Back up is really important. Wouldn’t you just hate to lose any photos?? There are so many unusual ones available!

More Gift Ideas for the Traveler – Compression Socks

Think you are too young for compression socks? Not so!! Anyone that gets on a plane for a long time will love these…like a massage – you are never too young!

Athletes, travelers, and people like nurses who are on their feet a lot wear them and you can get them in all sorts of fun colors. The protect you from uncomfortable and dangerous swelling on flights.

More Gift Ideas for the Traveler – Travel Journal

This really is the perfect gift. You can never have too many and the selection can really be customized to anyone! You can find empty ones that give you room for writing all the ideas and impressions you might have while you travel along with space for taping or gluing in tickets and maps from your adventure.

I love the whimsical cover on this one.

Even though you like keeping a memory souvenir like this one, sometimes people really enjoy a little direction for their writing. This cool travel journal has prompts to give you some ideas for writing!

Not sure about a journal? Try a family journal. Everyone adds a little. Then, pass it around the dinner table. Add glue sticks (for tickets or napkins)  and colored pencils.


Low on money, but big on creativity?  Thank you ‘freckles on our face’ this postcard journal idea.


For your gift, you include some pens/pencils, a hole punch as small as you can find, and some of these rings. This tiny hole punch is perfect for travel!

Include directions for this fun travel ‘journal’:

“Buy postcards along the way and jot notes on the back of each. Use hole punch and ring to keep the whole thing together!”

Put it all together in a Bon Voyage bag and add a bow!

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More Gift Ideas for the Traveler – Snacking Independence

I LOVE this little thing for making hot water in your hotel room. LOVE it.  (Once I used it to make ramen noodle soup in a hotel room! Talk about save money!)


It is wonderful to be able to have a cup of tea or hot chocolate in your hotel room at bedtime – in your pjs. I like to have a cup of decaf tea in the evenings. Even hotels that have a coffee pot and some tea on hand rarely have decaf. If your traveler likes decaf tea, toss in a few packets. They’ll have a sip of tea and think of you!

Add a few packets of ‘just add water’ hot chocolate for a very thoughtful gift for the traveler.

Add a few packets of your traveler’s favorite sweetener for a wonderfully thoughtful gift!

More Gift Ideas for the Traveler – Warm Feet

Am I the only one who can’t sleep with cold feet? Slippers/socks come in every size and shape. Warm and cozy feet are so nice at night when you travel. These make a really thoughtful gift.

More Gift Ideas for the Traveler – Healthy Feet

I absolutely never leave home without ‘slippers’ of some sort. While not normally worried about germs too much….floors in hotel rooms gross me out! The should gross you out, too, because they might get vacuumed often….that doesn’t mean some really gross stuff has happened there. Just don’t go barefoot, ok?

These have a wonderful footbed and will make tired travel feet really happy!

They come in some fun colors, too! I have a black pair but need a fun pair like this one!

Flip flops are EXCELLENT slippers. They weigh nothing and take up no room in the suitcase. You can also wear them down the hall to the breakfast room or patio and let your feet breath in the evening. Wear in the shower if it is ….questionable. Wear to the beach if you stumble across one!

More Gift Ideas for the Traveler – Wall Decorations!

A traveler is always thinking of the next trip and remember the last trip. The adventures are never far from their mind. This cool map for the bedroom wall is an affirmation ANY traveler would LOVE!

More Gift Ideas for the Traveler – Travel in the Kitchen

If you have to cook…why not have some fun with the cooking utensils? Inspiration from countries that have been visited or inspiration from countries that are still on the must see list will make your traveler smile.

More Gift Ideas for the Traveler – Travel Bathroom Decor

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Happy Travels!

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