Mixed Media Activities for Traveling Kids

Mixed Media Activities for Traveling Kids

Colored pencils with denim and a heart, Mixed Media Activities for Traveling Kids, www.theeducationaltourist.com

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Here at The Educational Tourist you’ll find several articles on how to keep a kiddo busy while you are on the road, on the sea, or in the air traveling. Why so many? Because you can never, EVER have too many ideas for keeping kids busy and engaged when you travel.

We all know about the best laid plans, right? Those are the ones that fall apart. Think your airplane flight is only ____ hours long? What about being delayed for weather? I once spent 2 HOURS waiting in line on the tarmac while it rained cats and dogs outside until we could be cleared for take off. Not only was that a ‘no wifi’ and ‘no electronic device’ 2 hour wait but it was also 2 EXTRA hours than I ‘planned’.

An electronics ban on flights from Europe to the US looms.

Be prepared! You do NOT need electronics to keep kids happy when they travel. You can have fun old fashioned activities to keep them thinking, playing, and having fun.

Travel never goes precisely as planned…flights are delayed, traffic happens, and the batteries on electronic devices run down. Be prepared! Better yet – be over prepared! You’ll thank me.

Like Boy Scouts and awesome travelers you must be prepared!!

scouts marching in a green field, Mixed Media Activities for Traveling Kids, www.theeducationaltourist.com

Mixed Media Activities for Traveling Kids – Zentangle

This was new to me and what a cool idea! Start with a simple outline. Download a simple design from the web or write your child’s name in puffy letters like this one. Fill in each letter or piece of the large shape with different designs.

The word faith filled in with zentangle designs, Mixed Media Activities for Traveling Kids, www.theeducationaltourist.com

Here is some inspiration for designs:

zentangle designs, Mixed Media Activities for Traveling Kids, www.theeducationaltourist.com

Does your little one need help with making designs? Visit Helen at A Little Lime for a step by step how to for designs!

zentangle design how to from Helen at A Little Lime, Mixed Media Activities for Traveling Kids, www.theeducationaltourist.com

Color in your designs with these vibrant markers!

These ultra fine tip markers let your zentangle creator get in all the nooks and crannies of their design!

Give the kids a book of wonderful designs to get them thinking and creating!

We used this on a recent road trip and it was fun!


Mixed Media Activities for Traveling Kids – Toilet paper roll snakes!

paper snakes craft photo from Amanda at Crafts by Amanda, Mixed Media

Love this idea. Skip the paint and give the kids markers and scissors and let them create creepy and fun snakes from toilet paper tubes! Thank you, Amanda, from Crafts by Amanda for the clever idea!

Start with empty toilet paper tubes. Aren’t you glad to finally have a use for them? I know I am! Let the kids color with markers or paint before you go. Cut into one long curly strip, then decorate with paint and silly google eyes.

Mixed Media Activities for Traveling Kids – You don’t see THAT every day!

This fun “What is THAT?!?” game keeps everyone on the lookout. For what? For whatever seems…shocking, unusual, crazy! Someone writes down all the strange and unusual things you see in one day. Then, at dinner you vote on what was the strangest thing the family saw!

Write the craziest things down in a “We saw WHAT?!” journal that lives in the car. Oldest kids write, youngest kids illustrate. We start out each road trip with a walk down memory lane and read the past entries!

Choose a fun and colorful journal. The family can keep one or each kid can have their own!

I especially like this type because each page has a lined area for writing and a blank spot for illustrating. These memories are priceless to revisit later when kids grow up.

Fun markers and colored pencils make this activity even more fun! Go BIG with this set of 120 markers..where was this set when I was a kid?

Pip Squeak Skinnies Markers – 128 count

Mixed Media Activities for Traveling Kids – Silly faces!

Art face 2 collage

Fun face downloads here from The DADA of Enfante Terrible. The website is entirely in French. You can translate into English at the tippy top of the page if your high school French is rusty. (Shh….your secret is safe with me. I won’t tell your teacher!)

Bring along the face download along with an old magazine. Let kiddo cut (NO SCISSORS ON AIRPLANES) or tear out facial features to paste on faces. Use a glue stick or double sided tape for less mess! Let everyone channel their inner Picasso with this fun activity!

red painted background with 2 paintbrushes, Mixed Media Activities for Traveling Kids, www.theeducationaltourist.com

Mixed Media Activities for Traveling Kids – Silhouette Fun

I love this!! Trace your kiddo at home or have the kids trace each other. The easiest way to create a silhouette of your child is to tape a piece of paper on the wall. Sit the child down facing to the side. Put a lamp in front of the child so the shadow shines on the paper and trace. Voila!

Take the silhouettes on your trip. Hand them out to kids along with a newspaper or old magazine, scissors and a gluestick. Children look for words that describe themselves, cut them out, and glue the words on their silhouette.

This would make a GREAT gift. They could create this image for grandma!! Frame them all in similar frames and let grandma hang them in a cluster on her way. Make it extra special and coordinate with all the grandkids for a group gift for grandma!

This has been reposted several times but the original image is from Buffy’s Books.

girls silhouette with words

Kids can make one for themselves..or as a gift for someone else. LOVE! Choose simple frames to display.

 How cool are these frames that decorate a door

You CAN travel with the kids and have a peaceful and relaxing time while making memories!! Get tips from these related posts.

No worries about the electronics ban!! Activities for the plane ride with KIDS.

Road trip fun for the kids. You don’t HAVE to have electronics!

TOP tips for traveling with the KIDS

The Educational Tourist in Austin riding a segway with children, Travel outside your comfort zone, www.theeducationaltourist.com

Happy and peaceful travels,

Natalie, The Educational TouristLOGO_RGB_TEDTOUR


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  1. Amanda says:

    Thanks so much for sharing my snakes 🙂 I do have to let you know that markers will not yield the same results as paint. The paint is what causes the cardboard to dry into a coil. Markers will not do this and I wanted to make sure you knew! Thanks 🙂

    • NatalieTanner says:

      Thanks! I thought they would stay coiled because it was originally a tube. Will have to give that a try. Maybe we need to add some bending and folding to the directions? I’ll experiment. Thanks for the note!

  2. Kristi Hynes says:

    Fabulous ideas! Our 2 day road trip is coming up in just 6 days so I will definitely be putting your tips, tricks and awesome activity kits to the test! I know they will be engaged and entertained! Will update you with pics! 😉

    • NatalieTanner says:

      Good luck! I know the journey will be fabulous and I hope the activity kits will bring you hours of peaceful travels!

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