Merry Christmas – New York

New York is a fantastic place to visit. During our recent visit there, we saw the largest nativity scene ever!!


**Disclaimer….it is just the largest nativity scene that I have ever seen….the Guiness book for world records might disagree. 😉

As a matter of fact…..the record for the largest live nativity scene was just set December 1, 2014 in Utah. This nativity scene included 1.039 people and a few camels and sheep. How so many?  Well, the usual 3 kings, Mary,  Joseph, baby Jesus, a couple of shepherds, and a whole lot of angels!


Inside the Metropolitan Museum of Art there is a tree…20-25 feet tall? Full of angels.


Beneath the tree, beautifully carved and painted people and animals.


A lovely surprise for these visitors!


New York also has lovely lights! The Rockefeller Center tree wasn’t lit yet while we were there, but we saw lots of lights anyway!


I love these HUGE ornaments.


These HUGE lights are fun, too!


Saks 5th Avenue store windows are NOT to be missed. I hope this photo, which in no way even begins to do it justice, at least give you a flavor. This year’s theme was An Enchanted Evening. See professional photos of the fantastic windows here.


There was a fantastic light show on the side of the building as well!

Enjoy the adventure wherever life takes you! Call upon The Educational Tourist for your planning needs – a little, or a lot!

Merry Christmas!

Natalie, The Educational Tourist


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