Long Flight – Packing TIPS

What to pack on a long flight – Packing TIPS

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No matter how many times I fly, I still learn ways to make those flights easier and smoother. Packing tips can do the same for you on your next long flight. This is my NEW favorite gear that I’m adding to my carry on. Be prepared and make it the BEST flight ever!

Long Flight – Packing TIPS – Ear Plugs

This was something I was honestly shocked to need on the last long flight I took. We splurged and bought business class seats for our trip to Greece. The extra space, the lie flat seats, atmosphere, access to the airline’s first class lounge and pampering were something we were thrilled to have for our journey.

Before the flight, we were having breakfast in the first class lounge when I noticed a family nearby – grandparents, parents, and 7 month old cutie. I bumped into mom in the restroom where she was washing up bottles. We chatted and I learned that the family had accompanied her to a friend’s wedding and her parents were in business class.

So, imagine my surprise later, when her parents traded places into the flight so that she and VERY noisy (but happy – not crying) baby came up to business class and kept everyone awake. Thank heavens for ear plugs. It cut down the noise from LOUD happy baby squeals so I could get some sleep.

I’ve carried earplugs for YEARS and have used them only twice and boy, was I glad I had them with me! These Stanley low pressure ear plugs are GREAT for sleeping. They don’t feel as full in your ears as other brands AND they are rated 32 for noise reduction which is really good! They are cheap and lightweight. Don’t leave home without them!

If purple is more your style or you need an even quieter environment for sleeping, try these Drift to Sleep Ear Plugs   with a 33 noise reduction rating.

Don’t forget the kids! Helping them get some sleep on an airplane will help the whole family have a better time! These  Macks Moldable Silicone Ear Plugs are in a kid friendly size.

Long Flight – Packing TIPS – Compression Socks

Before you pass by this section thinking compression socks are only for the elderly (Don’t lie..you know you were thinking that!) consider what they actual do for you!

In short, your veins work hard to pump blood from your feet back up to your heart. Normally, you movement and walking helps this process, but when you are sitting for a long time – like in a long flight, blood can’t move north as fast. So, it pools up in your legs and feet causing swelling. This swelling feels bad!! It causes fatigue in your legs and and overall achiness in your feet.

Compression from these socks help your body in several ways:

*walls of arteries dilate which increases blood flow

*walls of veins will constrict which increases the speed of blood flow

*stabilizes muscle

*decreases muscular vibration

Of compression socks course they are used for those with heart and circulation problems, but helping healthy feet and legs is great, too! Thankfully compression socks actually look like socks now and not like hideous medical equipment.

After a broken bone in my foot just 9 weeks before our trip to Greece had me worried about swelling on a plane. I tried compression socks for the first time on my flight. These CEP Recovery + Pro Compression socks were my sock of choice for the LONG flight to Greece. I chose black since I was wearing black pants and no one was the wiser! My foot did not swell, which meant less pain for me in the injured foot. That I was hoping for, but I also had a wonderful benefit in my good foot! The aid in circulation kept the healthy foot feeling even better, too. Now, injury or not, I’ll be wearing my compression socks on long flights!

Black compression socks from CEP intelligent sportswear

Long Flight – Packing TIPS –  Portable Phone Charger

Whether you use the airplane’s wifi or use downloaded entertainment on your devices you’ll want extra portable phone chargers with you! We travel with more than one since we have multiple devices and between entertainment for the kids, photos for me, and business stuff for my husband we NEED extra charging!

Remember the USB cable cords!! Once I was so happy to have a portable charger with me only to realize I didn’t have a cord!! Don’t make that mistake.

Long Flight – Packing TIPS – Reading Light

Yes, I know there is a light overhead on the plane, but on the last long haul flight I took I was SOO not sleepy when the lights were all turned out and I wanted to read. BUT, turning on the overhead light would have have disturbed my fellow passengers who were all trying to sleep. Now technically I had a right to turn on that light. After all I had paid for my seat and was completely entitled to do so, BUT….. it didn’t hurt me not to read and I felt good about being kind to my fellow passengers. I don’t want to be THAT passenger who people talk about being rude and obnoxious!

Now, I add a small reading light to my carry on. It is small and the light from it is strong enough to let me read without waking everyone else up around me. Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone took a minute to think of those around them? Let’s start that movement right here!

Long Flight – Packing TIPS – Something for the kids

We love electronics as much as the next person…and maybe even more 😉 but the truth is you need to bring along some NON electronic items as well. Why? Batteries run down! Wifi is slow or doesn’t work!

Books, games, and art supplies are STILL fun to help pass the time in an old fashioned way. AND what’s old is always new again. I’ve made a list to refresh your memory.

Kid Activities for Airplane rides 

If you are heading to any of these destinations, include an ebook from The Educational Tourist in your carry on. Kid friendly and mom tested these books include information and activities about your destination. Don’t leave home without one!

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Where will YOUR travels take you? Read tips related to fun destinations the world over!

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The Educational Tourist is proud to be one of the TOP Family Travel Blogs!

Blogger award - Top 100 Family Travel Blogs

Happy Travels,

Natalie, The Educational Tourist

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14 Responses

  1. lcdorkin says:

    Oh! Ear plugs are a MUST for me! I am so sensitive to other peoples sounds and it always happens on a plane, that I’m next to someone that makes weird and wonderful sounds! Haha

  2. Gabby says:

    I can’t leave for a trip without my portable charger, it’s essential! Great list

  3. Great tips! I never think to bring ear plugs, but I can imagine they would make things so much better. The portable chargers are a must, and one of these days I’m actually going to buy those compression socks rather than just thinking about it. 🙂

  4. These are really useful tips. Thanks for sharing them.

  5. Fiona Mai says:

    I often have long flights between Asia and Europe and what annoys me most is my incapability to ever sleep on a flight 🙁 It’s very helpful to read your tips. I think I might not have been so well-prepared before for my long flights. Thank you for sharing!

    • NatalieTanner says:

      It isn’t easy for sure! Take all the tips to see if they at least help because even a little bit of rest will help!

  6. Diana Chen says:

    I keep hearing about these compression socks but have yet to try it for myself. I am really curious now! I agree completely about the portable charger – I don’t travel anywhere without my portable charger as it seems like I’m always running low on battery.

  7. I always take socks and a charger but I find that I need headphones so I can listen to something rather than just ear plugs. My husband swears by ear plugs but he snores when he wears them lol. I have to say, taking your own little light is very kind of you 🙂

    • NatalieTanner says:

      Does he not snore without them? Like when he hears the sound he stops making it? That is so funny! Thanks for stopping by!

  8. I’m glad you mentioned compression socks – I totally forgot how important and helpful they can be! It’s been a few years since my last mega long-haul journey, so I definiely need to remember to grab some socks!

  9. That’s a great list! Are the ear plugs reusable? I know that’s probably a silly question, but we’re going to travel for a year including TONS of flights, so I can’t imagine how many I’d need to carry if they aren’t!

  10. Sophie says:

    This is such useful and going to help me alot on my next flight from Sydney to LA.

  11. I honestly never would have thought to bring a reading light, but I’ve definitely turned my overhead light on in a darkened airplane before and felt terrible about it. It doesn’t even fully illuminate the space I need anyway! Definitely investing in a little reading light before my next trip!

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