La Maison Blanche in Tangier, Morocco: Review

La Maison Blanche in Tangier, Morocco

La Maison Blanche,

We spent two days in Tangier in combination with our trip to Spain. Within minutes of arriving I knew we would be back. This place has a flavor and charisma that we loved instantly. Aziz, who owns the place and also is a tour guide, can make your stay anything you need it to be.

La Maison Blanche: Location, location, location

The Educational Tourist rooftop view of Tangier Kasbah, La Maison Blanche,

When it comes to real estate, whether you are buying, renting, or just visiting, location is KING! La Maison Blanche is located INSIDE the tenth century Kasbah. There is just no better way to explore the old city than to stay in it. We just couldn’t believe our eyes with this amazing hotel.

Tangier's Kasbah at night, La Maison Blanche,

La Maison Blanche: Amenities

The family home has been completely updated and made into a hotel.  In spite of being so very old, the rooms are remarkable with comfortable spaces and updated bathrooms. The knobs in the bathroom took a few minutes to figure out – watch the video here.  All brand new and shiny but certainly different from home. I loved this decoration so much I bought one similar to it for my home!

Moroccan jar, La Maison Blanche,

Drink only bottle water while in Morocco. Bottled water is available on the bedside table free of charge.

hotel room with Moroccan decor, La Maison Blanche,

Laundry service is available, but beware…ours came back clean and very neatly folded but they were also still damp! Keep in mind that electric clothes dryers aren’t always available. There were space heaters in our rooms as we traveled in March. We aimed them at the laundry which had it mostly dry by morning.

La Maison Blanche: Breakfast

Morocco breakfast, La Maison Blanche,

Oh, what a wonderful experience! Breakfast is served on the rooftop dining area. It is the tallest spot in the Kasbah and gave us a marvelous view to start the day.

The food was wonderful! We tried Moroccan versions of pancakes and breads and jams. The mint tea is the end all be all for a tea lover like me. It tastes a little like drinking warm spearmint gum. Breakfast included fresh juice and hot coffee. Be sure to taste Morocco’s version of peanut butter – argan butter! Read more about fantastic foods in Morocco here.

We loved the crisp white building against a gorgeous blue sky!

Red flowers on against a white wall in Morocco, La Maison Blanche,

La Maison Blanche: Decor

These carved doors are nothing short of spectacular. I loved them so much! Really stunning.I want some in my house!! We were given a tour and each room was a little different and each had an amazing feel. Some of the doors were engraved with words. 

carved wooden door, La Maison Blanche,

Inside the front door there is an open area which features a water fountain. It is the perfect place to relax.

Green star shaped water fountain, La Maison Blanche,

The owner, Aziz, was helpful, interesting, and an absolute delight. If you are headed to Tangier, look him up and spend a night or two at this glorious hotel. He is Rick Steve’s highest recommended guide in Morocco.

The Educational Tourist Kasbah roof Tangier, La Maison Blanche,

Happy travels,

Natalie, The Educational Tourist

The Educational Tourist logo, La Maison Blanche,




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