Kids’ Books Set in San Francisco

Kids’ Books Set in San Francisco: Read Before You Go

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Make the MOST of any trip:

To make the most out of any trip with kids you need to prepare them by letting them become familiar with what they will see and experience. Reading kids’ books set in San Francisco is the very best way to do just that! Get little minds thinking of all the wonderful things to see on the family’s adventure! Have them use critical thinking skills and discuss questions like: What will be the same as the way we do things at home? What will be different?

Don’t let this happen to you!

Some people go on a trip, come home, look at the photos and think….where was that taken? Which church was that?? Or even worse, spend time on a guided tour thinking, “Another Madonna and child painting?? Another church?” and have no idea what they are seeing or why.

Improve your trip AND your child’s intelligence:

We want children to remember, internalize, and make these experiences part of their core being! When a child learns something they add to their schema, or background knowledge, which will help them in their education until the end of time. Layering the learning by introducing information and then showing it to them on a vacation is the best way to internalize information. Use travel to get smarter and improve skills for the kids in the family!

“Reading is at the heart of all formal education.”

A GREAT way to get the wheels turning and introduce information about your adventure destination AND improve your child’s intelligence and academic educational success is reading. Stories with familiar characters or beloved animals will pave the way for learning – really learning about the new culture they are going to experience. Read kids’ books set in Italy or listen with an audio book.

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Need more proof that reading is valuable? A study published in the Economic Journal, shows that ‘boys with easy access to books tend to have higher incomes when they become adults than their counterparts who grow up with few or no books by their side’ and “Men who grew up in households filled with books earn 21 percent more..”. So, read before your trip! It will be fun AND will make your kiddo smarter and wealthier in the long run.

Read at bedtime and have sweet dreams about your upcoming trip! Or download to an IPAD or Kindle and read on the loooooooooooong flight over. These are perfect for any storytime before, during, and after a trip, too.

You can get ideas on which books to read from the school librarian or research topics online. Choose based on your family’s interest? Animals? Art? Architecture? Sculpture? Food? There are many, many to choose from but don’t despair. I have spent hours reading books, reading about authors, reading reviews, reading summaries, and researching topics you need to read about so YOU DON’T HAVE TO! This comprehensive list will get you started daydreaming about your trip.

Books to read before you visit San Francisco

Kids’ Books set in San Francisco – Counting Books

123 San Francisco by Puck This board book is a great one to introduce baby to counting! Why not use things you’ll see on your vacation to count? Babies absorb more than you think! Written for babies ages 2-3 years but great up through preschool. Length: 22 pages Lexile Measure: N/A

San Francisco: A Book of Numbers by Ashley Evanson There is so much color in this book it is sure to grab the attention of your little traveler. Show them the sights and practice counting before you travel to give your little on an edge by building an educational foundation! Travel = increased intelligence! Written for preschool and up but babies will enjoy the color in this board book, too. Length: 14 pages. Lexile Measure: N/A

10 Little Monsters Visit San Francisco by Rick Walton Your preschoolers will enjoy the things that these 10 little monsters see when they hit the town in San Francisco. Colorful and bright. Great for the littles up through kindergarten. Written for K-3. Length: 32 pages. Lexile Measure: N/A.

Count to Sleep San Francisco by Adam Gamble Practice counting to ten with this book full of the local sights. Great way to get kids thinking about what they see during a family adventure to this great city. Written for preschool and up. Length: 20 pages. Lexile Measuer: N/A

Kids’ Books set in San Francisco – ABC books

San Francisco: The Alphabet Book: An A to Z Journey Through San Francisco’s Sights and History by Matt Weber I love an alphabet book which is like cliff notes for giving a child an overview of the most important sights in a destination city. This book does not disappoint. Lots of cool details included. Written for kids aged 7-9 but also a great intro for older kids. Length: 54 pages. Lexile Measure: N/A

Journey Around San Francisco from A to Z by Martha Zschock Follow the adventures of a pelican who guides the reader through all the amazing sights in San Francisco. Written for kids aged 6-9. Length: 32 pages. Lexile Measure: N/A

San Francisco ABC: A Larry Gets Lost Book by John Skewes Follow the cute characters, Pete, and his dog, Larry, along their journey through San Francisco. All the main sights are included. Part of a series that includes several major US cities. Written for kids aged 2-5 years. Length: 32 pages. Lexile Measure: N/A

ABC in San Francisco by Robin Segal I love this ABC book because it has real photographs of things you’ll see in San Francisco. Enjoy it along with one of the illustrated books and compare the similarities and differences. Written for kids aged 3-5 years old. Length: 32 pages. Lexile Measure: N/A

Kids’ Books set in San Francisco – Read about the Sights.

This is San Francisco by Mirolav Sasek This classic is one of a series on major US cities. Fun illustrations and introductions to this fantastic city. A MUST read classic. Written for kids aged 7 and up. Length: 64 pages. Lexile Measure: N/A

San Francisco by Andrews McMeel Cool illustrations create a great souvenir which includes a map. The kids will enjoy comparing these illustrations with different artistic styled illustrations in other books. Written for kids aged 4 – 13 years. Length: 12 pages. Lexile Measure: N/A

San Francisco: Panorama Pops by Charlotte Trounce What is not to like about a pop up? This small book fits neatly in the hand of a child who is sure to be thrilled by this pop up book. Get it before you go and then keep it as a souvenir! Written for kids aged 5-9 years. Length: 30 pages. Lexile Measure: N/A

City by the Bay: A Magical Journey Around San Francisco by Tricia Brown Gorgeous illustrations and very cool tidbits and time line. This is a really colorful book! Written for kids aged 3 and up but best for kids at least 9 years old. Length: ? Lexile Measure: N/A

Kids’ Books set in San Francisco – Activity Books

Kidding Around San Francisco: A Fun-Filled, Fact-Packed Travel and Activity Book by Bobi Martin Lots of information and information about sights for middle elementary school aged kids. Written for kids aged 9 and up. Length: 138 pages. Lexile Measure: N/A

California Amazing Pictures & Fun Facts by Kid Kongo The California edition of this fun Kid Kongo Travel World Series. Lots of interesting facts and details about all that California has to offer. Written for kids aged 5 -12. Length: 24 pages. Lexile Measure: N/A

Kids’ Guides to San Francisco by Eileen Ogintz All the information a child needs to help plan the family’s adventure! Read about where to eat and sleep and what sights to see. Add in a few activities and you have a wonderful book for young travelers. Written for kids aged 8 – 12. Length: 160 pages. Lexile Measure: N/A

Kids’ Books set in San Francisco – China Town

Life in San Francisco’s Chinatown by Sally Senzels Isaacs Great history of this interesting part of San Francisco going back to 1840. Great for your little researchers who love details! Written for kids aged 7 and up. Length: 32 pages. Lexile Measure: N/A

Shannon: A Chinatown Adventure, San Francisco, 1880 by Kathleen V. Kudlinski A young girl’s perspective on Chinatown after she makes friends. American Girl Doll customers will love this book! Written for kids in grades 3-6. Length: 72 pages. Lexile Measure: 620L

Kids’ Books set in San Francisco – Read about Earthquakes.

If you Lived at the Time of the Great San Francisco Earthquake by Ellen Levine Great information on what happened in the terrible earth quake of 1906. Kids have a curiosity about things like this! Written for kids aged 7-10. Length: 64 pages. Lexile Measure: 760L.

I survived the San Francisco Earthquake, 1906 by Lauren Tarshis My son 10 is a HUGE fan of this “I Survived” series and your son will enjoy it, too. Great historical fiction about the earthquake with real information but without being too scary. Written for kids aged 7 and up but especially good for the tween age. Length: 112 pages. Lexile Measure: 610L.

What Was the San Francisco Earthquake? by Dorothy and Thomas Hoobler This book series will probably be familiar to your child from reading them at school. Easy to understand information for the tweens in your party. Written for kids aged 8 – 12 years. Length: 112 pages. Lexile Measure: 0720.

Earthquake in the Early Morning – Magic Tree House book #24 by Mary Pope Osborne  If you have a Magic Tree House fan in your house you’ll be thrilled to include this book! Main characters Jack and Annie arrive in San Francisco just before the earthquake! Written for kids aged 6-9 years. Length: 96 pages. Lexile Measure: 350L.

Lizzie Newton and the San Francisco Earthquake by Stephen Krensky The main character in this book for upper elementary school aged kids is a girl so great choice for the young lady traveler in your house! There are sections called ‘Reader’s Theatre’ which is like a play – you read each part aloud. Kids love doing something like this with the family. Get into characters and have fun with it! Written for kids in grades 3-5. Length: 48 pages. Lexile Measure: N/A.

You are There! San Francisco 1906 – Time for Kids Nonfiction by Kenneth Walsh This non fiction book is perfect for your older tween/teen and full of interesting information about the earthquake. Written for 7th graders. Length: 32 pages. Lexile Measure: N/A.

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