Hyatt Regency Hotel Tulsa – REVIEW

Hyatt Regency Hotel Tulsa – REVIEW

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Tulsa is such a cool city that has BIG city sites with a small city vibe.  We just love this hidden gem and had the chance to visit right before Christmas. Tulsa has so many wonderful things to see and do, but this time we were going to check out Winter Fest which is right in the heart of the city experience with a 9,000 square foot outdoor skating rink.

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I say we ‘were’ instead of we ‘did’ because….well, you know about life and travels – both can throw you the unexpected. On the long drive there I started feeling bad…then worse..until I was pretty sure I was going to die. LOL! Not really, but I felt horrible and clearly had caught a stomach bug. By the time we arrive in Tulsa I was hardly able to move around never mind skate in the unusually cold temps of 9 – yes 9 degrees. This Texas girl thinks 9 degrees just isn’t enough degrees!!

So, into the lovely Hyatt Regency we ventured. What a gorgeous lobby they have! It is wide open with a large escalator that leads up to the check in desk and sports really pretty crystal chandeliers.  Since I was feeling so badly I was especially impressed with the friendly and helpful staff. Our room was ready and they made quick work out of check in.  Before we knew it the bags were in our room and I was nearly passed out on the bed.

Chandelier in the lobby Hyatt Regency Hotel Tulsa,

Clean rooms in the center of town is what you would expect from a hotel within walking distance of a major conference center like the BOK Center. BUT, even the most wonderful hotels in the world don’t always have great service and that is what the Hyatt Regency Hotel Tulsa did that was so impressive.

Not able to move from the room, I called for room service. Expecting the usual bland and cold affair that arrives 45 min to an hour later – long after the promised time, I was happily surprised when in a shorter amount of time than they said,  a warm and inviting meal arrived. I ate none of it, but the kids loved their food and the hot tea for me was a god send. Later I called again, explained my situation and they sent up things that weren’t on the menu but were heavenly for me – plain crackers and bread.

Later in our visit I ventured to the restaurant in the building, The Daily Grill,  and realized that the wonderful room service food came from that restaurant! What a lovely addition! You’ll love the menu here for any meal. We ate their food several time and each meal was delicious.

An indoor pool made burning off some energy so easy for the kids in spite of a sick mom and single digit temps outside! One kiddo thought it really fun to swim under the windows there and emerge on the other side – which was OUTSIDE. The steam rose up from the water and kiddo thought that was a cool moment.

indoor pool Hyatt Regency Hotel Tulsa,

We loved this hotel and it will be our ‘go to’ when our travels take us to Tulsa. As a matter of fact, this hotel and staff were so impressive that I will look first to a Hyatt no matter where our travels take us and I would encourage you to do the same. They saw me at my worst…sick and miserable, and they could not have been nicer with GREAT service.

While this was a sponsored stay at the  Hyatt Regency Tulsa, I assure you all the thoughts are 100% my own as always. They turned what could have been the worst trip of my life, thanks to a nasty stomach bug, into a pampered and well taken care of stay with great service and everything we could have needed.

Christmas trees outside the spa in the Hyatt Regency Hotel Tulsa,

If your travels take you to Tulsa, the Hyatt Regency Hotel Tulsa is a GREAT choice for hotel. Don’t forget stomach bugs happen when you travel – read here to pack your own first aid kit just in case!!

See all that Tulsa has to offer! Read here about visiting the Oklahoma Aquarium. Need even more inspiration for your visit? The  Top Things to See in Tulsa will interest you, too!

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Happy travels,

Natalie, The Educational Tourist

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