Baseball Caps – Good Traveling Hat?

I’m a big believer in hats for traveling. They solve hat hair, keep the sun off your nose and somehow manage to keep you both warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Read my post on how to choose the perfect hat.

I’ve been a lover of hats forever, but what do you do about travelers who prefer only baseball caps? My husband and son are both baseball cap lovers! Baseball caps are great, too, especially for souvenirs. We have quite a collection.

Baseball Caps  – Good Traveling Hat? – Image

baseball caps with NY labels, Baseball Caps - Good Traveling Hat?

This may or may not be the image you want to put forth while traveling.  Many insist that a baseball cap screams ‘American‘. It is true that American’s love baseball and baseball caps. After all baseball is ‘the great American pastime’!

This may or may not be the image you want to put forth while traveling.

Baseball Caps – Good Traveling Hat? – Sends a message

Is there even such a thing as a plain baseball cap? They are embroidered with messages of all sorts. We print them with names from companies and sports teams and political views. While here in the states we wear our hearts on our sleeves/caps, this isn’t always seen positively around the world.

Sometimes Americans get in trouble here in the states with their baseball cap message – that isn’t at all what you want as part of your traveling adventure.

Baseball Caps – Vive America!

baseball cap with USA and American Eagle, Baseball Caps - Good Traveling Hat?

Everyone is proud of their homeland. Pride is a wonderful feeling! However; wearing a hat with your American hometown or country on it just serves to put a barrier between you and the people that you have traveled so far to see.

Wearing something that blends in with your surroundings will give you a more true peak at your travel destination. Reconsider the baseball cap as a traveling accessory.

Baseball Caps – Good Traveling Hat? – Consider a driving hat

man in driving cap, Baseball Caps - Good Traveling Cap,

This driving hat is the perfect travel hat for Spain! Similar to the favorite ball cap, but dressier. Thank you Berte from The Hat People in Old Town Spring for choosing the perfect one for traveling husband!

The Educational Tourist wearing hat in Tangier, Morocco, Baseball Caps - Good Traveling Hat?

Read about our fantastic travels in Spain where hubby wore his new hat!

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Happy travels,

Natalie, The Educational Tourist

The Educational Tourist logo, Baseball Caps - Good Traveling Hat,

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  1. Moose Studio says:

    A hat is always the ONE thing I forget to bring on trips. I always remember the sunglasses, but never think to protect my head with a hat. Thanks for the reminder 🙂

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