How to plan an educational trip?

I get asked a lot about planning an educational trip. Perhaps some people are intimidated by the word ‘educational’. I’m not a teacher…they say.


Well, it might be true that you aren’t a teacher professionally. But if you have taught your child how to eat with spoon, use the toilet, put their dirty clothes in the hamper (I’m still working on that one. πŸ˜‰ then YOU are a teacher.



What’s the difference between an educational trip and a regular trip?

What about those trips that include a guide? Aren’t they educational?


Why an educational trip?

1) You go 1/2 way around the world, spend a lot of money – everyone should REMEMBER it! Have you ever heard from people who go on exotic preplanned tours and then can’t identify their own photos when they come home? You don’t want that!

2) Feel good about taking the kids out of school. WHAT?? A former teacher says it is ok to take the kids out of school for a vacation? Yes. Yes, I do. Education is important. I am 100% percent on board with that, but education can take place in spots other than a classroom. Just ask someone who home schools.

3) Expand your world…and theirs. The more you understand about another culture the smaller the world gets and you become a better world citizen. We are all in this together – we should understand each other and get along.




Educational travel is a marvelous idea, but how do I get started?

First choose your vacation – the vacation of your dreams. Do not feel the need to start where most do – London, Paris, Rome. If you have always dreamt of Peru or Belize…then those should be your first stops. Every place can be magical. Choose according to your dreams.

Second, research what you can see when you go. Hiking? Biking? Museums? Churches? What is special about their food? Their way of life?

Third, write out a synopsis for your kids based on this information – in their language and at their reading level. You’ll find lots of tidibits on how on this website and others.

Not up to any of that? I don’t blame you! Use my books (Rome is out now and Spain will be out soon.). Buy and give to kiddo.


OR, if you don’t want to do the research yourself or are going to a spot that I haven’t written about yet, you can hire me. I do custom planning. NOT travel agent stuff like airline tickets and hotels, but I will take YOUR dream trip and make it kid friendly. Β Just drop me a line!


Happy magical travels!

Natalie, The Educational Tourist



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