Hotel Europa Madrid: Review

Hotel Europa: Visiting Madrid with KIDS

Hotel Europa sign,

Hotel Europa: Great service

Hotel Europa has a very friendly staff who are available 24 hours a day. No matter what time of day you might need assistance you are covered. We liked their suggestions for transportation one day better than our our preplanned ideas and they saved us lots of time.

We needed to use the computer for tickets and the staff was so helpful.

Hotel Europa: Location, location, location

No matter what you need real estate for – living, renting, or visiting….location is KING! Hotel Europa is perfectly situated just steps away from the famous Puerta del Sol. This is a great jumping off point for exploring the wonderful city.

Bear and the strawberry tree, Hotel Europa,

Go out again in the evening to enjoy the street performers. They’ll leave you cheering and sometimes scratching your head. How do they do that?

Madrid Street Performers, Hotel Europa,

Hotel Europa: Amenities

Our rooms had a large bathroom which included a hair dryer. Hair dryers are great for hair and socks that didn’t dry overnight after you washed them in the sink. They are also bulky and heavy and not something you want to bring from home!

Sometimes having your laundry done is really a great idea. You can’t wash jeans in the sink and finding a laundromat isn’t the best use of your time. Hotel Europa has a great laundry service. Just leave clothes in the bag and return later that day to find your clean laundry folded neatly in a basket on your bed. Super easy and worth every penny!

folded fresh laundry, Hotel Europa,

Hotel Europa: Cafe attached

A note with an in house, attached cafe is wonderful for time saving idea. After coming in from a long overseas flight everyone needed some food. We enjoyed some local favorites right there at our hotel!

Fish with sauce, Hotel Europa,

Hotel Europa: Elevator

Elevators are unusual in Europe and are really nice so you don’t have to schlep all your luggage up many flights. We were happy to find them here.

Hotel Europa: A note about air conditioning

This was an unusually warm March. We were careful to choose a hotel with air-conditioning and were surprised that it wasn’t turned on. We opened the hotel room window, which opened to a central courtyard, and had a nice breeze. It turns out that while the hotel did have central air-conditioning, it was only turned on during certain months of the year – no matter what the temperature!

Constant temperatures – using air conditioning is not a global thing. Read about how to deal with the lack of ac here.

Hotel Europa is a great choice for families visiting Madrid!

The Educational Tourist in front of Alhambra at night, Hotel Europa,

Madrid is a super vacation spot for kids! We loved all of Spain! Read more about all that Spain has to offer in these related posts.

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Happy Travels,

Natalie, The Educational Tourist

The Educational Tourist logo, Hotel Europa,



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