Hostel Visits for Families with KIDS

Hostels are a unique experience and taking your kids is not just possible, but a fantastic option!

Bed with white linens and breakfast tray that says Hostels You can take the family.

Hostel Visits for Families with KIDS – What is a hostel?

A hostel is a type of lodging that is very budget friendly. Sometimes in a hostel you actually rent a bed…and not a room. So, you’ll see lots of bunk beds in one room. You pay your fee and sleep in a bed and share a bathroom. Then, you pack up your things and store them in a locker during the day.

hostel bedroom with bunk beds,woman making the bed says Hostels - you where you usually just rent a bed.

Hostels were once upon a time only for student and young travelers. There was once an upper age limit for who could visit. Those days are long behind us. Now, most hostels have rooms for rent as well for traveling families.

You might have heard some really colorful stories from young people who stay at hostels….and by colorful I mean…not stuff that you want to experience with the kids around. Actually, I’m not sure I want to experience some of that without the kids around. LOL!

hostel with 2 twin beds and one bunkbed

How can I say this…some rooms are coed and sometimes people feel amorous. Also, sometimes people snore, talk loudly, come in at some crazy hour of the night and act so noisy you wonder if they were raised in a barn.

Hostel Visits for Families with KIDS – Why I chose one

So, why in the world did we even try a hostel with the kids? Firstly things have changed. Don’t they always! Don’t act old…learn NEW stuff and see what all the fuss is about. Don’t be an old geezer who won’t do something because I heard 30 years ago it was a bad idea. Get with the times!

So when I planned my long awaited trip for my BIG 50 birthday to Greece I chose a hotel and booked. Then, weeks later while discussing tours and the rest of my itinerary with fellow travel bloggers I realized that I had chosen an ‘less that optimal’ neighborhood. Hmmm…..YIKES!! By this time our trip was really soon and most things were booked. Not wanting to pay a gazillion $ a night I chose a reasonably priced ‘hotel’ in a great area. Only after I had done this did I realize it was a hostel and not a hotel.

So….it was an accident.

But, I will call it a happy accident because it was an interesting experience for the whole family. We had a great time and while I’m not sure the bare bones would be my first choice in a spot, I will certainly not rule out hostels in the future. AND I’m really glad to have first hand experience to see what all the fuss is about.

Hostel Visits for Families with KIDS – What do hostels offer?

Typically, hostels are full of young people so there will be a vibrance you don’t see in other places. Most young travelers are friendly and share stories and information readily. If you don’t like to tour alone you could easily find traveling partners and there is a bulletin board with information on local events.

The hostel we visited in Athens offered a very low cost meal for lunch and the menu for the day was posted at the front desk.  The rooftop bar had a view of the acropolis and you could have a drink or the plate lunch for next to nothing with fellow travelers! Or use the small kitchen in your room to fix cheap meals or keep leftovers from dinners out.

Hostels offer what you might find in other hotels like computers and laundry. Just expect to share things more and pay less overall – usually a lot less. At AthensStyle Hostel the basement has computers, a pool table, and seats to hang out while you are waiting on the laundry. The self help laundry area is perfect for those that like to pack light like we do!

Get tips on packing light and looking great at the same time.

Also, the basement has lockers where you can safely store your things during the day if you are sharing a room. The lockers are like the ones at the airport so all you need are a few coins to keep things safe and off your mind during your day of sightseeing.

Hostel Visits for Families with KIDS – Location, location, location

When you start looking for hostels for your trip you’ll see many hostels have a great location and are right smack in the middle of things. The locations of some hostels are nothing short of amazing AND like in real estate you buy….location is key in real estate you rent or visit!

The AthensStyle hostel is just a few doors down from the Sandal Poet and Monastiraki square. We found the surrounding area eclectic and so close everything! We especially enjoyed this colorful street just around the corner!

Colorful street in Athens, Greece, mom and kids

Hostel Visits for Families with KIDS – Our experience

The AthensStyle hostel in Athens was our first experience with a hostel. We rented a room for our family which had a bathroom and kitchen. To say the room was bare bones was to put it mildly.  The furniture included two queen beds, 4 chairs, a tv and the finest kitchen and bathroom. The linens were quite thin, but adequate. The curtains were very thin, letting in the light, but when you pulled them back you could peek out and see the Acropolis with the Parthenon!

This place made IKEA look fancy.

You can see from this photo that fun can be had anywhere! You do not need fancy hotel surroundings to have a GREAT time.

smiling kids in hostel

I was expecting some noise from the young crowd that filled most of the hostel. The bar on the top floor had long hours and an incredible view of the parthenon which is lit up at night. But….we slept soundly and only once heard someone talking in the hall – which you could hear at most any hotel.

We loved the location of Athens style and for the price, you just can’t beat the location.

AthensStyle Hostel

10554 Monastiraki

Athens, Greece

We loved Greece just sooooo much. What a wonderful country. If you are planning a trip to this incredible country you’ll enjoy these related posts. Read before you go!

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The Educational Tourist and kids on Athens' Acropolis in front of the Caryatids on the Erechtheion

Happy Travels,

Natalie, The Educational Tourist

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  1. Leah Fuhrman says:

    While I am in a tour I use to stay in hostels. But I select an average price hostel which are neither cheap nor expensive. I have passed two nights in the AthensStyle Hostel.

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    So glad you could find a place your family could be comfortable. I know traveling with children can sometimes be hard but looks like you have figure out the keys to success.

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    Omg this looks amazing. I actually stayed in some hostels in Athens and had a great experience. Love that hostels open up a more budget friendly accomodation for families!!

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