Honeymoon Planning 101

Honeymoon Planning 101

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With all the planning that goes into a wedding it is easy to feel overwhelmed with honeymoon plans. Take a deep breath and spend some time planning this once in a lifetime trip because you’ll be SO glad you did! Here are some tips to make planning the honeymoon of your dreams!

Honeymoon Planning 101 – Decide the energy level

Some people dream of laying on the beach or in a hammock and watching the surf on vacation. Others like the idea of hiking and kayaking and scuba diving to stay busy and active. A few couples like the idea of marking their passage to husband and wife with adventurous activities like bungee jumping and sky diving. Whatever YOUR adrenaline needs might be, take the time to discuss it with your soon to be spouse. Make sure you are on the same page with the amount of energy you want to expend on your vacation!

Read here to help you decide which type of traveler you ARE!

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Honeymoon Planning 101 – The Perfect Location

What does the perfect location look like? Is it a pristine private beach? Would you like to be tucked away in a cabin in the woods so you can explore the lush forest? Does a bustling and vibrant city call to you? The time of year can make a difference, too. Are you wanting to escape the weather? Off to the cool mountains or the warm beach? Choosing the perfect spot for a honeymoon means something different to each person.

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Honeymoon Planning 101 – Time

How much time do you have for your honeymoon? Travel can take up the better part of a day if you are flying and even more time if you drive so be sure to have enough time actually AT your destination. Also, if you are headed back to work when you return from your adventure, you might want a day in between your return and the first work day.

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Honeymoon Planning 101 – Paperwork

For brides, getting married often means a name change. This doesn’t happen on the spot, so you’ll want to make sure your travel documents like passports and airline tickets are all in your maiden name. You’ll want smooth sailing for your honeymoon so plan on name changes after your get back. Even though your passport won’t be in your new married name, you can still have fun with these passport holders.

Will you need a visa? Will you need a passport? Plan ahead for these types of applications. You won’t want to have additional stress from last minute scrambling to get everything you need.

If you haven’t applied for TSA Precheck or Global Entry to help you get through security quicker at the airport, you will want to consider it! Starting your trip off with a smooth and easy trip through security is priceless.

Read more about the benefits to the TSA Precheck and Global Entry programs. 

Honeymoon Planning 101 – Pack Carefully

After all the fun and stress of a wedding, the last thing you want to do is lug a bunch of stuff you don’t need and won’t use. Think carefully about what you will actually need for your trip. Packing light is the best gift you can give yourself on any vacation because there is less to lose…less to carry…less to pay for… and less to lug.

Read more about how to pack light and still look fantastic! 

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Honeymoon Planning 101 – Think outside the box.

Honeymoons can be anything you want! In 2015, the number one honeymoon destination in the US was Disneyworld! If you want a little magical Mickey for your once in lifetime adventure, the Pixie Dust Queen can plan the trip FREE. Let us know when you are heading off into the sunset for a FREE Disney vacation quote.

Infinity pool from Aulani resort Hawaii

Disney isn’t just the Magic Kingdom either. Disney has a fantastic resort in Hawaii called Aulani. You can also cruise with Disney! Not just the big boats that have characters and fantastic Broadway style shows, but you can choose smaller boats that visit Europe, too.

Whatever adventure you choose for your honeymoon The Educational Tourist can help you plan it!


Happy Travels,

Natalie, The Educational Tourist

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