Hometown: Explore yours

Travel is not in my budget.

Budget to explore your hometown

Oh, boy do I hear you. Travel is wildly wonderful and educational and all things fantastic but if it isn’t in the budget…well, it isn’t.  There are lots of ways to make travel more affordable (read here) and ways to save money for travel (read here) but while you are waiting for the financial opportunity to travel far and wide…you can STILL explore!!

Start with your own hometown.

But….you gasp…I LIVE here and it is BORING. LOL! Sure you live there, but when was the last time you acted like a tourist? Google ‘What to see in ______” and see what pops up. Choose something to explore and let the fun begin!!

Traveling in your own city is a great way to  explore within a budget.

Tips for Exploring YOUR hometown:

Visit the Zoo! To adults zoos might all seem like the same thing, but not at all to kids! Each zoo has a different set up and way to display the animals so seeing new ones is a fun way to get to know your area. What is new and different about your city’s zoo?

* Visit restaurants. All cities have a ‘famous’ spot whether it is known for it’s cuisine or it’s decor. Check out this food truck in Austin.

hometown exploring: food truck

*Visit museums. Whether your city has a historical museum or one celebrating a local celebrity getting to know the local info is great fun.

* Visit historical buildings. Is your town known for architecture? Is there a famous house or building from a well known personality?  Every town has something wonderful to offer.

*Take a walking or segway tour. When you visit the website for your local chamber of commerce you will see local tours. Take one to act like a tourist. Have fun learning what all the fuss is about your city!

*What about stores? Is there an American Girl Doll store near you?

American Girl Doll: Explore your hometown

*Explore the quirky side of town: Is there something unusual to see? A one of a kind like this Cathedral of Junk in Austin? Roadside America is a great resource for the very unusual.

Cathedral of Junk in Austin

We have moved a lot with hubby’s career (6 times in the last 5 years, but who is counting?) and have had lots of opportunities to be hometown explorers.  What would others want to see if they visited? Become an expert!

I shared some of my hometown traveling with Little Things Travel in her series: Tour Your Hometown. You can read all about it here:

Tour Your Hometown: Natalie of The Educational Tourist

Happy Travels, near and far!

Natalie, The Educational Tourist


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