Gift ideas the Traveler

If you are shopping for the traveler in your life. Consider these!

I never leave home without…


A money belt is worn underneath your clothes and holds an extra credit card, money, and your passport. They come in several shapes and sizes…

Wear around your neck.


Wear inside your pants – hanging from your belt.


Wear strapped to your leg


Around the waist is my favorite. This is the one I love! Click and order from Amazon.


Poncho or rainjacket

Do NOT take an umbrella. They are really a pain. You walk with your family and end up poking one another or other people on the street. Can the youngest kids in your group handle their own umbrella? If not you will be carrying them or walking closely….they will get dripped on if they are much shorter than you and complain and you will be walking bent over…just trust me….raincoats or ponchos for everyone!!!


Then, there is this fun with an umbrella.


And this fun…


I love the wildest, brightest colored rain gear you can find. It seems cheery on rainy days and makes it easy to find everyone! And what a bright photo it makes! 🙂


Here I am in “Can’t lose me orange”.


I like these for the kiddos:


Toss these in your backpack and never worry about getting caught in the rain.  These are light weight but still very sturdy and make a great wind breaker, too.


Coin purses

Kiddos LOVE holding their own money. Europe uses coins more than we do. Want to use the bathroom? Better have a euro ready!


These make great gifts and stocking stuffers for travelers!


Adapters and converters

Firstly, what is the difference?

An adapter just makes the plug fit into the hole. Look at all the different sizes, shapes, and configurations!


A converter changes the electricity to the correct current for your device. Many new devices have built in converters….like some phones/tablets/computers/hairdryers…do NOT leave this to chance. FIND out before you go.


It is always better to take more than one. I’m a ‘pack light’ kind of gal, but when it comes to converters, take 2. Once, we had a glitch of some sort and our converter kicked off the power for an entire floor at a hotel. It died in the process. The next day’s 12 hour plane trip would have been very long indeed had I not had an extra converter so we could charge all our devices overnight!


These are fantastic stocking stuffers!

Lock for your daypack

Pick pocket – it CAN and WILL happen to you.  You don’t have to make your daypack Fort Knox, but you do need to make it uninviting to the MANY, well practiced pick pockets out there.

This is the one I use.



I bought it in Madrid after someone tried to get into my bag. I didn’t use one because my day pack only contains stuff like sunglasses and a rain poncho… the would be pick pocket did not take anything as my money was not in there and  my allergy medicine was not of interest. Still, it was disconcerting to think someone had their hands in my bag – WHILE I was wearing it!!! Save your loved traveler this interesting experience and buy them a lock for Christmas!

Back in the day 😉 before locks were easy to find and buy….I used a twist tie from a loaf of bread and a few bells and put them on the zipper of my daypack.


Flat water bottle

Who ever came up with this idea is a genius and I hope they make a gazillion dollars off of it!! 🙂


Firstly, carrying your own water from the tap (if you are traveling where the water is safe to drink) saves a LOT of money. Secondly, you can’t always buy something to drink. It might be too late, or during siesta, or during a strike, or during a holiday or there might not be any working machines on the train. Always have at least a little water with you to wet the whistle of you and your fellow travelers, especially the littlest ones.


These fun colors make a flat water bottle a great gift!!

Duct tape

They say it isn’t broken if duct tape can’t fix it. Duct tape is a GREAT emergency item for fixing everything from a tear in your suitcase to mending a shoe.


You can find it anywhere these days, but I like the tiny rolls. They take up no space at all and would make FUN stocking stuffers for the traveler in your life!



Painter’s tape


More tape? You bet!! For the family that travels, painter’s tape is the most important tape of all to carry.

Is the sun shining trough that tiny crack between the curtains and driving you crazy? Painter’s tape to the rescue.

But the BEST reason to carry painter’s tape is to keep the kiddos busy!!! Read more about that here!


What is it you NEVER leave home without?

Happy travels,

Natalie, The Educational Tourist





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