Gift Ideas for Travelers in Your Life

 Gift Ideas for Travelers in Your Life

Gift Ideas for Travelers – Easy Way to Carry Things

The EYN (E – Everything Y -You N-Need)  I love this little case. No one goes anywhere anymore without their phone. This way you can have a credit card and money with you along with the phone you are carrying anyway. Wouldn’t it be nice to walk down the street after dinner and not lugging a purse?

 EYN phone carrying case, Gift Ideas for Travelers,

Gift Ideas for Travelers – A Third Hand!


Any traveler, but especially family travelers, could benefit from an extra hand! This TUGO – as in “you are ready TUGO” gives you a spot to hang that so necessary cup of caffeine as you maneuver through that busy airport. This leaves another hand for all the other stuff you have to keep up with!

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Demi Hugger

Of all the things I’ve come across in my travels as potentially helpful to travelers, this is my all time favorite. The Demi Hugger is a soft strap for….luggage, purses, coats and anything else you need to lug around the airport. The large size keeps anything safely on top of the suitcase and not falling off the edges causing you to stop and repackage everything. I happen to know from personal experience that it works great for carrying stuffed animals, too. 😉

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Gift Ideas for Travelers – Creature Comforts

This is one of my all time favorite traveling ‘secrets’ – the travel immersion heater. I have carried one for years and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve used it! I have enjoyed countless cups of hot tea earlier than I wanted to get dressed and get out in mornings….and countless cups of hot tea at night long after I put on pjs and didn’t want to get out.

Once it even saved us during recovery from a bout with a stomach bug. I used it to boil water in the hotel room and then made instant rice with that hot water.  I never leave home without it and your traveler will appreciate it, too!

Travel Immersion Heater, Gift Ideas for Travelers,
Mini Cubes Tea Variety Pack

Give your traveler a few moments of peace and relaxation – when the morning is getting started and they are curled up in pjs watching the sun come up on the horizon of their new destination.  A cup of tea each morning and/or each evening can be a welcome (and now, thanks to you – cost free) way to begin and end each day. They’ll happily think of you! Tea is lightweight, too, so no worries about them overpacking the suitcase!

Mini Cube Tea Variety, Gift Ideas for Travelers,,
Ghiradelli Hot Cocoa – Premium Indulgence

I love the name, don’t you? Anything with the words ‘chocolate’ and ‘premium indulgence’ has to be good, right? This is a great way to relax and indulge after a long day of sightseeing and kids love this, too! Get everyone into their pjs and give them some hot chocolate while you tell bedtime stories and talk about the favorite thing you saw or did that day. You’ll be their all time favorite aunt/friend/grandparent for sending chocolate along on their travels!!

Ghirardelli hot cocoa packets, Gift Ideas for Travelers,

Gift Ideas for Travelers – Help for Multiple Bags

Travelon Multi-Bag Mover

Even though the savvy traveler has the mantra ‘Pack Light. Pack Light. Pack LIGHT.” you’ll still find yourself with more luggage than you would like. Little travelers can’t carry help out yet and sometimes you even come back with more luggage than you left with!! We’ve had to buy small suitcases to bring back stuff from our travels – more than once! We always travel with a way that allows daddy to manage all the bags. That way, mom can handle all the kids!

Travelon Multi Bag, Gift Ideas for Travelers,

Gift Ideas for Travelers – Dual faced watch

This is a great gift for a traveler. With one glance at your wrist you can tell what time it is at home – also a great gift in the global world we live in. If your daughter lives in London or your sister lives in Canada or your friend lives in Portugal… a  quick glance tells you if it is a good time to call.

I love this cool watch by August Steiner. The watch is reasonably priced and still has a really rich looking band.


Gift Ideas for Travelers -The Selfy Stick

What a marvelous idea! This way you can get to be in all your vacation photos!


You can purchase the stick and remote here.

Happy Travels and Gift Giving,

Natalie, The Educational Tourist


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