Gift Ideas for the Lady Traveler

GREAT Gift Ideas for the Lady Traveler in Your Life

Gift idea for the Lady Traveler – Bandi-Wearbelt from bandiwear, photo from bandiwear, Gift Ideas for the Lady Traveler,

Fanny packs are the things 80s jokes are made up, but what’s old is new again with a twist!  These cute belts offer a little storage and manage to look cute at the same time. Keep your tickets, passports, phone or tissues handy!

Gift Ideas for the Lady Traveler – Romantic secret message bracelet

If your lady traveler has to travel without you, this bracelet is guaranteed to melt her heart. Have a secret message of your choice stamped on the inside of this leather bracelet for only her to see. She’ll think of you whenever she wears it.

Personalized secret message leather bracelet from BeGenuine etsy shop, Gift Ideas for the Lady Traveler,

Order online from Be Genuine on Etsy.  If you want to be even more romantic…make a matching one for yourself = Best boyfriend in the world award!

Gift Ideas for the Lady Traveler – Update on the hair scrunchie

I confess…..I’m a hair scrunchie lover. I know, I know, they are out of date and boring…but nothing holds my long hair without the headache! So, imagine MY happiness when I came across these ornate and unique decorations for my beloved scrunchie. I find that the thicker scrunchie type hair ties are so much easier than a very thin hair band. Long haired ladies will understand the difference.

hair scrunchie with a hand painted disc for decoration, Gift Ideas for Lady Traveler,

Since traveling doesn’t always allow for the usual hair routine, a fun and decorative way to hold hair back is a GREAT idea! The wandering lady on your list will love this rustic hair jewelry attached to the all time favorite – the scrunchie. Order online from VivaArcenciel at Etsy.

necklace for holding sunglasses photo from La Loop, Gift Ideas for the Lady Traveler,

Keep sunglasses or reading cheaters handy when you are on the go.

Gift Ideas for the Lady Traveler –  Eyn

phone case that includes space for money or credit card photo from Eyn, Gift Ideas for the Lady Traveler,

Handy and dandy lets you keep a little money, credit card or a pad for ‘lady business’ close at hand without having to lug around your big purse. LOVE this clever idea!

Gift Ideas for the Lady Traveler – Personalized Travel Tree

I love this idea! What a great way to display the places she’s been or the places she wants to be. Imagine her delight every time she sees this little tree on her desk or vanity table. I want one! Fantastic idea from Tobris My Travels Tree on Etsy.

Travel Tree photo from Tobris My Travels Tree on Etsy, Gift Ideas for Lady Travelers,

Gift Ideas for the Lady Traveler –  Crumple City Map

city map that you can crumple up photo from palomar, Gift Ideas for the Lady Traveler,

GPS isn’t everything. What if you don’t have wifi? What if you can’t get a signal or your battery runs out? Sometimes a map is priceless and these maps are awesome! Waterproof and soft…no worries about trying to fold them up again. This awesome map can be used again and again. Great idea (and photo)  from Palomar.

Gift Ideas for the Lady Traveler –  Demi-Hugger

woman with luggage and demi hugger, photo from demi hugger, Gift Ideas for the Lady Traveler,

The best strap of all times to keep stuff attached to your luggage. It holds the small stuff, the large stuff and it super easy to use. I’ve tried a bunch and this one is my all time favorite! A must for any traveler. Demi Hugger gave one to me for my review and what an AWESOME product! I am buying one for everyone on my traveling list!

Gift Ideas for the Lady Traveler – Cuff bracelet

Whether she is traveling, unpacking from her travels or daydreaming about the next adventure, your lady traveler will love this bracelet. The cuff design means it fits everyone! Order this bracelet with the cool quote ‘born to roam’ from StudioIlus on Etsy.

Born to roam cuff bracelet from StudioIlus on Etsy, Gift ideas for lady traveler,

Gift Ideas for the Lady Traveler –  DIY backpack organizer


Do you sew or craft? This organizer, made from zip-loc baggies and a pot holder gets an A+ for practicality!! I love it! You could make it out of larger zip-lox baggies, too. Make one for all the travelers and moms on your Christmas gift list.

Gift Ideas for the Lady Traveler –

This is no ordinary scarf. Besides looking cute and keeping you toasty it has a pocket for you to keep some stuff in! Lipstick, tissues, money, credit card….whatever can be kept handy and easily. Stop lugging a big bag and stop worrying about pick pockets with this clever scarf!

colorful infinity scarf that has a pocket for passport photo from Ensenada, Gift Ideas for the Lady Traveler,

Gift Ideas for the Lady Traveler –  Throw/blanket/Wrapwoman in black dress wearing large pink scarf photo from Novica , Gift Ideas for the Lady Traveler,

Whatever you call it a large piece of fabric comes in handy is so many ways…use it as a blanket on the plane, cover up the questionable seat, cover the scratchy pillowcase, toss on your shoulders to cut the chill, cover your head in a church, put loose items in the center and then tie corners together and form a bag.. the possibilities are endless. I read recently that a woman, who thought she was following the rules by wearing pants, had to cover up with a scarf in a church because her pants were deemed too tight. If you carry a scarf you will always be prepared.

Your traveler will love a pretty one! Chose lightweight and thin…anything else takes up too much packing room. I love the colors of this one.

Putting together a list for gifts for your favorite lady traveler is tough because now I want one of everything!! Do you have any favorites? Do you buy two of each so you can have one yourself?

Happy travels!

Natalie, The Educational Tourist

The Educational Tourist logo, Gift Ideas for the Lady Traveler,


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  1. BonBon says:

    Throw/ Blanket/ Wrap:) MUST HAVE for travelers!!! Love the list… I should get that demi-hugger:) Thanks and happy travels… xoxo

  2. I’ve never heard of Bandi Wear before but what a great idea! I love the functionality of fanny packs, it’s just a shame that they’re not socially acceptable… will have to check out the waist band for sure. I love the blanket/wrap too. I’ve got a thicker scarf blanket but need to get something lighter for my travels. All great ideas here!

    • NatalieTanner says:

      Aren’t those fun? They come in so many colors and has the function of the fanny pack -without the no, no of the fanny pack. 🙂

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