Gift Ideas for Guy Travelers

GREAT gift ideas for the Guy Travelers on your list

Why are guys hard to buy for? Am I the only one who thinks that? Every year I hear from women that they need ideas for the guys in their life.

Look no further! If your guy is a traveler, you’ll love these ideas for your guy.

Gift ideas for Guy Travelers – Felt Valet

How many times have you or your favorite guy traveler left something behind in a hotel room? Small things are the most likely to get left behind in the rush of packing and heading off in the morning. This lightweight and super soft valet folds flat and keeps all your small goodies in one place so nothing gets left behind.

Order online from Felt Planet at Etsy.

Gift ideas for the Guy Traveler – Personalized Airport Departure Screen

How fun is this wonderful print? Personalize for the guy traveler in your life with vacations past and future. Would be a great wedding gift, too, with a honeymoon date!

custom airline departure sign from Etsy store kiacoltd, Gift ideas for Guy Travelers,

Order online from kiacoltd on Etsy.

Gift ideas for Guy Travelers – Convert A Hanger

plastic hook for hanger - photo from convert a hanger, Gift Ideas for Guy Travelers,

Brilliance – utter brilliance is this answer to all your hotel hanger woes. I get that the hotels don’t want people running off with the hangers. (Do people really do that? Seriously?) But these little ball thingies on the end of the hanger instead of a hook keep you from hanging things in the shower to steam or in the shower to drip dry.

Just clip on your plastic hook and have the flexibility to hang things out to air. They are light weight and easy to toss into a suitcase.  I hope Santa brings these to our stockings!

Gift ideas for Guy Travelers – Manhands

beer scented soap, photo from man hands soap, Gift Ideas for Guy Travelers,

They say that smells can trigger memories more than any other sense can. So why is it that hotels have soaps like lavender and flowers? That is wonderful for a girls’ weekend, but what about the manly guy traveler?

Try this uber manly smelling soup. This manly smelling soap comes in masculine smells like bacon, cut grass, baseball glove, and beer. The oddest one is ‘magazines’ scented….what do magazines smell like anyway? And what makes that magazine smell a manly one? The only magazine smell that comes to mind are those very strong smelling perfume inserts!

Gift ideas for Guy Travelers – FitKit

fit kit, photo from fit, Gift Ideas for Guy Travelers,

Traveling makes it hard to stay on a workout schedule. Regular workouts cut down on stress and improve well being. Keep your guy feeling great while on the road!

Fitness buffs LOVE working out – even on the road and this kit helps them do that – even if they arrive at the hotel after the gym is closed…or when it is being renovated.

 Gift ideas for Guy Travelers – Cat Nap Blanket

grey blanket with pocket rolled up, photo from cat nap blanket on amazon, Gift Ideas for Guy Travelers,

Want to keep your traveling man germ free on a flight? Give the gift of keeping those feet warm, toasty, and off the GROSS airplane floor. (If you need convincing how disgusting the carpet can be….read here.) This  cool blanket has pockets for your feet and folds up into a tiny pocket. There is even a video on how to get it all back into that tiny pocket!

Gift ideas for Guy Travelers – Bragging Rights Travel Tree Display

I love this fun way to display all your travels! It is perfect for a desk at work! The tree comes with 3 signs but you can buy an extra package and have them printed with anything you like!

Travel Tree photo from Tobris My Travel Tree on Etsy, Gift Ideas for Guy Travelers,

Order this super clever idea from Tobris My Travel Tree on Etsy. GREAT gift for the ‘hard to buy for’ guy.

Gift ideas for Guy Travelers – Fire Starters – Flaming Mice

If your traveling guy likes the rustic camping type adventures then starting a fire is a real issue. These cool mice make starting a fire easy and even have scents. What does a flaming mouse fire starter smell like? The fragrances include: Bubbblegum and Candyfloss (I think we call that Cotton Candy in the US), Blackcurrant and Nectarine, and a Lemon and Lime combo. Who said camp fires had to be dull?


Clever idea from Billy O Firelighters on Etsy.

Gift ideas for Guy Travelers – Travel Rest Pillow

woman with travel pillow, photo from travel rest pillow, Gift Ideas for Guy Travelers,

This travel pillow is above and beyond others because it is long and allows for full lateral support. I love this one so much I’m buying one for myself. (Hey – I’ve been very good this year. Am I the only one who shops for others and themselves at the same time? LOL!) Look at all the cool ways you can use it! Wear it or strap it to the seat and it won’t slip around.

This would be a great gift for any traveler on your list!

how to use your travel rest pillow, photo from travel rest, Gift Ideas for Guy Travelers,

Gift ideas for Guy Travelers – Matador Extra Bag

Airline requirements seem to change with the wind. Is your bag too big? Too heavy? What if your guy finds the perfect gift for you and it won’t fit into your suitcase?

boy wearing matador backpack, Gift ideas for Guy Travelers,

Give him the gift of peace of mind with this extra bag by Matador.  It feels like really good gear and is puncture and water resistant. It isn’t girly like something you’d take the grocery store – this is a tough bag.

Matador sent us one to try and we LOVE it! We used the Matador Freerain 24 packable backpack which is tiny, tough, and loved by the whole family. My son confiscated it and claimed it as his own!

No matter what the requirements are this little bag will get him out of any luggage bind with lightweight extra room! Strong and lightweight, this easy to pack bag will be a favorite for your traveling guy.

Gift Ideas for Guy Travelers – Personalized Tie Bar

This little metal bar can be engraved with whatever you like. It is designed to be hand sewn (Oh, come on….easier than sewing on a button! You can handle that!!) to the back of the tie you buy at a store. This little metal bar is like a grown up version of the “I love you!” message your mom put in your school lunch each day. Give your business traveler a little love each time he puts on a tie. Have the kids choose what to say!

personalized tie tag from Etsy store LillyBelleLondon, Gift ideas for Guy Travelers,

Order your personalized tie bar for dad online from LilyBelleLondon through Etsy and order for Christmas!

Gift Ideas for Guy Travelers – Travel Jar

Encourage daydreaming of travel with this cool travel jar with map decal. Use it for collecting tickets and photos and momentous of previous trips or for saving money for future trips! Either way, your guy traveler will love this cool gift.

Order online from Wide Eyed Wander through Etsy. You can feel really good about this gift because part of the proceeds from every purchase goes to a health charity.

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Happy Comfortable Travels,

Natalie, The Educational Tourist

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