Gelato or Ice Cream: How are they different?

Spumoni with spoon, Gelato or Ice Cream,

Gelato or Ice Cream? How do they stack up against each other?

vanilla ice cream in a bowl, Gelato or Ice Cream,

Gelato or Ice Cream: Who eats ice cream?

Here in the United States, ice cream is KING – 87% of Americans have ice cream in the freezer. Do you?  The United States leads the world in amount of ice cream consumed per year. The United States folks do not just eat ice cream but the US also exports it – 60,000 TONS of ice-cream are exported yearly to Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean.

Gelato or Ice Cream: Top ice cream eaters

United States – 26 liters per person per year. Portland, Oregon’s population eats more than anyone in the US!

New Zealand – 23 liters per person per year

Gelato or Ice Cream: Top ice cream flavors

  1. Vanilla
  2. Mint Chocolate Chip
  3. Cookies and Cream

Gelato or Ice Cream: What’s the difference?

*Ice cream has more fat with more cream and egg yolks. Ice Cream actually HAS to have at least 10% fat.

*Ice cream has more air because is it churned faster than gelato. Air makes ice cream fluffier than gelato.

* Ice cream is served 15 degrees colder than gelato. If ice-cream was served warmer it would melt and become soupy. If gelato were to be served colder it would be as hard as a rock.

Gelato or Ice Cream: Gelato is beautiful in the case.

Gelato is displayed differently than ice-cream. The colors are more intense and they look so pretty!


I love how they use ingredients or decorations to make the display even prettier! Since it has no preservatives the shelf life is very short. Many gelato establishments proudly make gelato fresh every day!

gelato in case, Gelato or Ice Cream,

This was the only time I saw it sold ‘on the stick’ here in Ravenna, Italy.


But it is delicious no matter how you eat it!


Gelato or Ice Cream: What does all that mean?

Gelato is a very flavorful way to savor Italy!


Ice Cream is a wonderful way to savor the United States.

chocolate dipped cone, Gelato or Ice Cream,

Gelato or Ice Cream: Want to know more?

Gelato University-

In the name of science, of course, wink, wink, you can actually STUDY gelato at the Carpigiani Gelato University in the Italian town of Anzola deli’Emilia.  Yes, you read that correctly – gelato university. *sigh* I seriously chose the wrong major in college! There would be no escaping those Freshmen Fifteen pounds there, right? LOL!

Anzola deli’Emilia is on the outskirts of Bologna, which is the perfect spot! Bologna is known as ‘Bologna the Fat’ because of the wonderful food so a nearby gelato university makes perfect sense to me! Study under the Gelato Master Luciano Ferrari.

If your university days are behind you, don’t fret! The Gelato University has a week long immersion class here in the states! Click here to check out the dates for the Salem, MASS gelato immersion class.

Gelato University has classes all over! Click to find the nearest Gelato University location to you!

Penn State: College of Agricultural Sciences –

Penn State proudly offers a week long course in how to go from ‘cow to cone’ at the annual Penn State Ice Cream Short Course. This course has around 120 students attending from all over the world every year – so far 119 years! This is the first continuing education course in the US.

The course is always offered in January. Why? Well, January is the slowest time of year for ice cream companies.

Food is a wonderful way to explore a new destination!

Dad and son eating ice cream, Gelato or Ice Cream,

Happy and yummy travels!

Natalie, The Educational Tourist


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  1. What a fun article! I love gelato and I love ice cream. I’ve always wondered what made them different. And as you said, eating is a great way to get to know a country so on my next trip, I will make sure I eat more of both!

  1. March 18, 2017

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