FREE resource for visiting museums with kids

The Best Resource for Visiting Museums With Kids


The Dream….

You’ve wanted to see the Mona Lisa in person since you were a kid and now the time is right! You have traveled all the way to Paris and step into the Louvre. Your heart pounds and your breathing quickens as you look for the spot where she hangs – one of the world’s most famous paintings. What a wonderful dream…

The Fear….

But stop…you can’t do that,right? You have kiddos! You fear they will spend the entire time whining, “MOM! Can we go now??” and “MOM! This is so B-O-R-I-N-G!” and “MOM!!! I can’t believe they don’t have wifi!!” Actually they may have wifi, I don’t know!! But you get the picture. So you sigh….and imagine how you’ll see Mona in your next life, right?


The Truth….

You can go to wonderful, world class museums, take the kids AND enjoy it. Skeptical? I understand, but I have done it myself and have lived to tell the tale! Interested in my secrets? The Adventure Series eBooks were written for my children and the exciting places we were visiting. They are tried and true – each and everyone and are now available for YOU.


The secret to traveling with kids is…share the wonder WITH them. Kids are naturally curious and any parent who has answered the question, “Why?” 800 gazillion times in just one day with a preschooler knows that. So….feed that curiosity with information on the art. The stories behind the art are fascinating and make it more interesting for anyone. The Adventure Series eBooks have all the background information kids love – the who, what, when, where, and why – all in easy to read kid fashion intertwined with activities to engage the kids and help them remember the experiences. The Adventure Series currently have 13 titles: Check them out HERE.


My Ebooks for kids are created to feed the natural curiosity of children with information on the artist, the story behind the art and fun things like scavenger hunts! If you want to enjoy a piece of art in a world class museum with your kids in tow – you need these books!

But just don’t take my word for it! You could, of course, but go ahead and try one for FREE! That’s right – FREE!

Click HERE for free download.


Wondering how to use them? Wondering how this can really help you?

I like to use them at breakfast on the day of our museum visit. The kids take turns reading aloud. They look at the photos and read the stories while waiting for the food to arrive.


Then, when we get to the museum the kids can help you use the museum’s map to look for the art!


I’ve had parents ask, “Won’t they be even MORE bored since they have seen the art  before at the breakfast table? Won’t that ruin ‘the surprise’?? In a word – NO. Having them see the art and read stories BEFORE  arriving doesn’t ruin the surprise. In fact, research shows that being exposed to something MORE THAN ONCE actually increases learning and interest.

Educators call this ‘building schema’ which is fancy language for ‘building background knowledge’. If you want to read more of the details on how the learning takes place: click here.

Are you getting excited thinking about all the cool places you can visit now? Museums? Castles? UNESCO sites? You should be! I have taken my kids happily engaged and interested and learning all over the globe – and SO CAN YOU!

All you need to have fun seeing the world with your kids is: information.

 These books are written for kids but serve as Cliff Notes for adults, too, in case your knowledge of art, history, and architecture needs a little refresher – and all but history majors need refreshers, right? I don’t judge! 😉

Let me know which destination YOU need. I’m working on new ones all the time.


Happy Travels,

Natalie, The Educational Tourist


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