Fish Extender Gifts – Disney Cruise FUN

Fish Extender Gifts – Disney Cruise Fun

Disney Cruises are really magical and first class amazing cruise experiences. Something unique to a Disney cruise is the extra fun of fish extenders and gifts!

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Taking part in a fish extender group is such a fun part of a Disney cruise. I heard about fish extenders when I booked my Disney cruise. My first thought was, “What in the world is a fish extender?”

Bookmarks for disney cruise fish extender gifts with Dory and Just Keep Swimming

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Fish Extender Gifts – What is a Fish Extender?

Outside of each door on a cruise is a clip. If the crew needs to give you tickets for an excursion or information they’ll leave it here in this clip. Once upon a time someone thought it would be a great idea to use it to hang other things!

As you might have guessed…the clip looks like a fish! The fish extender is a bag you hang from the clip which serves as a little mail box for your gifts!

Fish Extender Gifts – What goes in the Fish Extender?

When you book a cruise be sure to go to Facebook and join a fish extender group for that exact ship and cruise. One person, who is in charge, puts all the families into groups. You choose small gifts for everyone in your group. These gifts are call ‘fish extender gifts’ or simply ‘FE gifts’.

Here are a few gifts we received on our Disney cruise.

fish extender gifts

Fish Extender Gifts – Fish Extender Gifts

We had SO much fun planning fish extender gifts for our group. After scouring the internet for ideas (Pinterest is FULL of clever ideas) I decided I had a few requirements for my fish extender gifts.

Fish Extender gifts should be:

Useful – Why give a trinket that has absolutely no value?

Lightweight – You will have to carry these gifts in your suitcase and we all know that staying below the 50 pounds per bag is hard enough as it is!

Small – Again, you’ll have 30+ gifts for your group so be careful about choosing something big. How will you even get it to the ship?

Inexpensive – When you have 30 people in your group…and some people give more than one gift as we did, you need an idea that is fun and yet, still inexpensive.

Fish Extender Gifts – Fun DIY Fish Extender Gift – Bookmark #1

We wanted to give something from our home state of Texas and as luck would have it, we booked our cruise in the spring. In central Texas, where we live, the state flowers, bluebonnets, were in bloom.

Bookmarks are fun fish extender gifts that fulfill all the above requirements for fish extenders and are something anyone – everyone can use! Find fun Disney craft paper for the colorful bookmark like in this pad of paper. FUN!

After cutting the paper into rectangles, I glued on some information I wrote about the Texas bluebonnet to create a fun fish extender gift and show a little flavor from my home state. You are welcome to use this poem!

The bluebonnet,
Texas’ state
flower, grows
in the spring on
roadsides thanks
to Lady Bird

Native American
legend says
sprang up after
the sacrifice of
a little girl’s
beloved doll –
forgiveness from
the Great Spirit.

Texas is the
state and
are a symbol
of friendship.

Your Texas

The Tanner

Once the bookmarks were complete, I wanted to add some lovely Texas blue bonnets!

1. Firstly I went out to pick bluebonnets. Before I go any further, let me assure you that no matter what you have heard,  picking bluebonnets is NOT illegal. What is illegal instead is blocking traffic…..when you stop to pick bluebonnets.

Read more here about the urban legend of not picking bluebonnets in Texas.

2. The next step is pressing the flowers. Just like when you were a kid, lay the flowers on a paper towel in one layer, place another paper towel on top of the flowers, and then lay a book on top of them. Come back in a few days after the moisture is soaked up by the paper towels.

bluebonnet flowers drying on a paper towel

3. Add back a bit of color. I was excited to peek at my now dry bluebonnets only to find them looking drab. This didn’t match any of the cool dried flowers I saw on the internet! How can I keep my dried bluebonnets from looking like a pinterest fail???? Markers!! Yes, markers are the answer. Just gently draw over the leaves and flower petals with a Sharpie marker to revive that lovely color.

4. Press between waxed paper and iron. Use a handkerchief to protect your iron from the wax.

5. Add to the bookmarks. Punch a hole in the corner and then use a ribbon to attach to the bookmark. These fun hole punches have Disney shapes!

6. Count and put into baggies. I counted how many I needed for each ship cabin and put those in a baggie. I labeled each baggie with the room number which really helped keep me organized when it came time to pass them out!

Fish extender gifts organized into baggies

7. The finalized fish extender gift with a Texas flavor.

Disney bookmarks DIY

Fish Extender Gifts  – Bookmark #2 with a sea theme!

Choose a theme for your bookmark that matches the cruise! It can be from an ocean movie or a pirate movie for example. We love all the Disney movies but Finding Nemo is a favorite. I loved how fish, and the sea, matched the cruise ship theme so we chose it for another set of bookmarks.

1.  Choose an ocean theme paper. You can find it at your local craft store like Micheals or Hobby Lobby or click below to buy this paper through amazon.

I wish I had seen this fun paper cutter. I would have used it on the very bottom to give it a wave for an edge. How fun!

2. Add a quote from your favorite sea creature. We loved the quote from Gil in the Disney movie, Finding Nemo.

book mark that has Gil and Nemo from Disney movie Finding Nemo says Shark bait! Hoo-ha-ha! Gil, finding Nemo

3. Glue onto paper cut into rectangles for bookmarks. Add a ribbon!

bookmarks that say 'just keep swimming' dory

Fish Extender Gifts  – Treats for Pirate Night

Check to see if your Disney Cruise has a pirate night! Plan on dressing the part to add to the fun. The cruise provides a bandana to get you started. I thought some extras for the pirate night costume would make a great fish extender gift.

Into a baggie for each cabin on my fish extender list were:

1 – clip on pirate earring

2 -pirate eye patch (BTW – these are very hard to wear for any length of time! I hated mine – my eyelashes brushed it)

3 – ‘Find your Pirate Name’ sheet  

list of ideas for a fun pirate name for pirate night on Disney Cruise

This made a really cute fish extender gift!

Disney Adventures are fun for all ages!

There is so much to love about a Disney Adventure! Let the Pixie Dust Queen help with all the planning. Her planning services are FREE!!! Ask for a FREE quote for your next Disney adventure.

Laura Baustian, PIxie Dust Queen wearing a crown

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Natalie, The Educational Tourist

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