Do’s & Don’ts for Flying With Kids – Part 1 of 4



First time flyers or kiddos under 5:

Role play

Security x-ray machine for stuff:


Practice in the living room. Turn a laundry basket upside down and put your purse under it. Explain that the security person is looking inside for unsafe things. Take it out and tell the child that it is his turn. Ask the child to put in a stuffed animal under the laundry basket.



Leave it there while  you discuss….


Security x-ray machine for people:


Set up two chairs, backs together with about two feet between them. Explain that the machine looks for unsafe things and also somestimes it finds safe things that make it beep.

Empty your pockets into a bowl. Take off your belt and shoes and put them under the laundry basket.


******LEAVE the keys in your pocket.

Walk between the chairs and loudly say ‘BEEP’.

Explain you have to double check that your pockets are empty and try again.

‘Find’ your keys. Say that you forgot and then put them in the bowl with your other things.



Walk again through the chairs quietly.

NOW, invite child to walk through.

Extra security screening:

Explain that sometimes security people need to take an extra close look at people and bags. If they choose you or someone in your group to look at more closely someone will ask you to stand to the side. You will have to stand with your feet apart and hands up over your head while they wave a security ‘magic’ wand over your body. Explain it will not touch you and all you have to do is stand very still.

13419476511466340852Cartoon Spatula.svg.thumb


Get a spatula from the kitchen and ask child to help you pretend.  Give them the ‘wand’ and have them pretend to be a security person. Ask them to pass the wand over your body without touching you. Then, trade places.



Leaving security:

It is time to get stuffed animal and shoes out from under the laundry basket. Fill your pockets and put on your shoes. Talk about staying together because there will be lots of other travelers doing the same thing.

Now is also a good time to start teaching them not to stop in the middle of the walkway to put on shoes, etc, but to move off to the side. Don’t you wonder about the people who do that? Clog up traffic by stopping right smack in the middle of the aisle like they are the only people on the planet? I’m sure their mother would cringe. 😉

Take your time and take a deep breath! This is the beginning of your wonderful adventure!

Happy Travels,

Natalie, The Educational Tourist



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  1. Kristi Hynes says:

    Role playing is such a great tip! As a frequent traveler even though I know the drill, it never occurred to me to give the kiddos a heads up! Figured I’d just bark the instructions as we go…which worked…but probably wasn’t a pleasant experience for the kids!

    • NatalieTanner says:

      Ha! Ha! Love the description of ‘barking the instructions’. We’ve all done it! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment!

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