Do’s and Don’ts for Flying with Kids – Part 2 of 4

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Pack – What you bring can make the difference between a fantastic flight and one of nightmares…

If kiddo isn’t potty trained:

1) Favorite stuffed animal or lovey

2) Extra outfit – head to toe, AND extra shirt for mom

3) Diapers – Count the hours you expect to be gone to plan for how many diapers you will need. When you have that number add two in case the flight is delayed, you stay on the tarmac for some crazy reason, or baby has diarhea.

4) Snacks – Bring more than you think you will need. This is the time to break out the extra yummy, really special, “kiddo NEVER gets to have’ type treats. Remember: Liquids are NOT allowed.  If you use powdered formula you can buy water for it on the other side of security.

4) Fun stuff – pipe cleaners, toys, small board books, sunglasses,

5) Brush up on games like peek -a-boo and the lyrics of a few songs…This old man was such a favorite that my son’s first word was ‘bone’.  As in….This old man, he played one, he played knick knack on my  bone.

Here is a nice website if you are feeling a little rusty on your lyric memory. 😉

6) Of course all the other stuff you know you will need like wipes.

7) Restraint system. I’m a big believer in each child having their own seat. It is expensive, but in my opinion worth it.

My favorite one is:

CARES Overview


We flew with it for years. It is lightweight, easy to use, and the kids tolerated it well. Be prepared to show the FAA approved sticker.



Older kiddo that is potty trained:

1) Notebook/journal and pencils – They can write, journal, draw photos, create cartoons or comic books, play tic-tac-toe.

2) Magnetic games like checkers. You can find these at big box stores. Target has a nice selection. Magnetic is brilliant. You don’t want to be chasing small pieces that get dropped.


3) Cards – If you don’t know the rules off hand for a few games like WAR, Snap, or Go Fish, now is the time to look them up.

4) Books to read. I suggest some that kiddo can read and also one that is above their level that you can read to them. DO NOT put all your eggs in one basket and bring only things downloaded onto Kindle. Trust me that sometimes electronics fail/run out of juice/aren’t allowed while sitting on the tarmac, etc. and you need something old fashioned.

5) Snacks – Bring MORE than you think you need. There is something about sitting quietly for an extended time that makes you hungry, or think you are hungry. Munching is a quiet and harmless activity that makes everyone happy. Now is the time to break out the big guns of snack time – whatever you ration or don’t allow is perfect for a trip.

6) Electronic devices – If you normally have a cut off time for amount of time spent on electronic devices I suggest you suspend that for the duration of the flight. If that helps pass the time and keep kiddo interested, engaged, and quiet then all is right with the world. Consider a new download, movie, or app just for the flight.

7) Dollar Store ‘stuff’ – Some people love to wrap these these like presents but I never had the time.  Anything new will serve the purpose. Craft projects are good (be sure you don’t need scissors and if you need glue toss in a glue stick – not the regular liquid glue that is not allowed on flights) and so are those color on felt pitcutres. Once I bought several locks with keys and toddler sat quietly for ages and ages practicing unlocking them.

8) Painter’s tape – I never go anywhere without it. It is like the kid’s version of duct tape in that it can fix/create anything!


If you hate putting this sort of activity kit together than had over to the store section of the website and click and buy the activity kit.



Happy Travels!

Natalie, The Educational Tourist




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