DIY Mickey Mouse Ears for Disney Vacation

DIY Mickey Mouse Ears for Disney Vacation

blue background with rows of Mickey Mouse gloves that says DIY Mickey Mouse ears or your Disney adventure,

I wanted to wear Mickey Mouse ears on our Disney cruise and had so much fun looking for the perfect ear design. Pinterest is full of ideas on DIY Mickey Mouse ears but….my craft ideas often end up Pinterest fails. I needed an idea that was fun and simple enough that I could manage!

So, here is my simple and inexpensive DIY tutorial for Mickey Mouse ears. These are so cheap and simple to make I made a bunch!  I wore a different pair each night to dinner on our cruise.

The Educational Tourist wearing Mickey Mouse ears on a Disney cruise

How to make your own Mickey Mouse ears for your next Disney Vacation

DIY Mickey Mouse Ears – Step one – buy the ears.

I found these inexpensive ears at the grocery store in the party planning department. They are for kids to wear at a Mickey Mouse themed party.

mickey mouse headband

I chose to start with purchased ears because…..making ears is MUCH harder than they make it look on pinterest. Talk about Pinterest fails! I followed the directions to a T and ended up with ears that just flopped around. Not worth it unless you have the craft equivalent of a gardener’s green thumb.

Minnie Mouse headband

Then I saw these online which is awesome because then I made some for the whole family! This are even less expensive – pack of 12 for only $16.95.

DIY Mickey Mouse Ears – Step two – buy bows.

Didn’t I say this was easy? You can find cheap bows at the grocery store or the $ store. The very best ones for this project have an alligator clip on the back.

aligator hair clip on hair bow

Just clip the bow right on top of the bow that is already there.

Mickey Mouse ears on a headband with purple pink and white bow

Another idea is to rip off the pink bow that is already there and add your own. The fabric tore a little when I ripped off the pink bow but the new bow covered it up.

Mickey Mouse ears on a headband with yellow, blue and red bow

DIY Mickey Mouse Ears – Step three – add details.

This is the fun part! After you add the bow consider personalizing. Add your name to the back. This is just my business card trimmed and then glued on. I’m sure you can use other types of glue, but I chose a hot glue gun and it was super easy.

Mickey Mouse ears on a headband with The Educational Tourist label on the back of ear

Adding the year of our cruise to these ears was easy. I trimmed it out of a flier that came in the mail and glued it on.

The Educational tourist and young lady wear Mickey Mouse ears on a Disney Cruise

We channeled our inner Captain America with this one. Some Disney Cruises have Marvel Hero days at sea!

Mickey Mouse ears on a headband with red, white and blue curly bow and Captain American shield

Add a little extra bling! I bought a few crystal picks from the wedding aisle at the craft store. They are on wire already so all I had to do was wind it around and around the center of the bow. How fun are these?!

Mickey Mouse ears on a headband with pink and white polka dotted bow with crystal and pearl decoration in center of bow

DIY Mickey Mouse Ears – Step four – Have fun!

I loved matching my girly with these matching DIY Mickey Mouse ears!

The Educational Tourist and girl wear matching Mickey Mouse ears with pink and white polka dotted bows on Disney cruise

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Laura Baustian, PIxie Dust Queen wearing a crown

Where is your next Disney Adventure?

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