Disney Daypack – What to pack in your bag!

Disney Daypack –  Take on Disney like a BOSS!

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To make the very best of your day at Disney you’ll want to bring a few things with you. Bring a bag, backpack or messenger back or tuck a few extra things in your baby’s diaper bag. Whatever type of bag you decide to bring along; here are a few MUST haves to pack in it.

Disney Daypack – Reusable Water Bottle

Bring your own water bottle to fill with FREE water at the park. You’ll save money and time. Since it is warm in both California at Disney Land and in Florida at Disney World, be sure to keep your family healthy and hydrated.

Disney Daypack – Flavor Packets

My kids don’t drink as much water as I would like and who can blame them? The healthy taste of water can’t hold a candle to the yummy stuff, right? Solve that problem by packing a few lightweight flavor packets. Choose the kids’ favorite flavors to get their vote for mom of the year!

Disney Daypack – Poncho

There are lots of poncho types available to choose from. My favorites are the cheapest. They are lightweight and very small which ensures I will always have them with me! The bigger ones tend to get left behind as I think, “Oh, I probably won’t need that and it is so big and bulky” and then…it rains!

Don’t get caught off guard! When it starts to rain most of the crowds will run for cover. YOU, on the other hand, will pass out ponchos and continue on, taking advantage of the shorter lines.

Disney Daypack – Sunscreen

Enjoying the Disney parks in both California and Florida means a lot of time in the sun. Sunscreen is a great sun safety  option but so are hats and sunscreen clothing.

Read more about choosing the BEST hat for your travels. I never leave home without one!

Disney Daypack – Autograph Book

Either bring a blank journal with you from home. Choose something with a fun cover like this!

I love this journal from Disney which has places for your to get stamps from Epcot and scavenger hunts for the parks! Practice writing with prompts and enjoy spaces for the characters’ autographs.

Autograph books aren’t the only thing that Disney characters will sign. Clever idea from Pixie Dust Queen – have your backpack signed!

**Read how the Pixie Dust Queen can plan the best possible Disney Adventure for your family for FREE!**

Disney Daypack – Markers

While any pen or pencil will do for great autographs, consider colored markers. Perhaps your little Disney princess would like to get autographs written in princess sparkle ink!

Disney Daypack – ID

Don’t forget your ID. Driver’s license or other ID is valuable for hotel check in, car rental, and to use your Disney Annual Pass.

Disney Daypack – Cash

We love using a credit card so we can earn points for future travel, but cash can really help you stay on budget!

**Read more tips on Disney travel on the cheap here.**

Handling cash will let kids have the experience of real world math skills. Let the kids them order food and souvenirs and then pay for it with your help. Great real world experiences!

**Read how travel can improve math skills in kiddos.**

Disney Daypack – Phone Chargers

As phone cameras get better and better we find more and more reasons to use that phone. Don’t get caught with your phone battery dying! Keep an extra battery charger on hand.

Use your phone for apps that can help make your Disney adventure as smooth as silk. **List of the BEST apps coming soon!

Disney Daypack – Snacks

Bring a few easy to eat ‘on the go’ snacks. Items like goldfish, granola bars, raisins will keep everyone full of energy in between meals. With all the energy you’ll expend on full Disney days, snacks will keep everyone going.

Disney Daypack – Bandaids

Boo-boos and blisters happen! Keep a few bandaids on hand for just such issues. Even though you can get bandaids at Disney tossing a few in your backpack will keep you from spending time to get them.

Bandaids are often used on feet! Choose shoes and socks carefully. **Read here about about the best travel shoes.*

Disney Daypack – Bubbles

The time you spend waiting in line can be tough on the youngest travelers. Be sure to use Disney’s answer to long lines with the FAST PASS when you can. When the wait seems too much, blowing a few bubbles will have the little giggling the wait time away.

If you are traveling with carryon luggage only (and if you can do that with kids I want to know your tips!) be sure to choose the size of bubbles that can go through security.

Disney Daypack – You don’t have to pack the kitchen sink!

Disney offers FREE bug repellent at stations conveniently located around the park.

FREE water is available at all walk up food stations.

Leave the camera and use one of Disney’s photo packages.

When you are ready to plan a Disney trip for your family! Let us do all the work and give you options to choose from.

The Pixie Dust Queen can do all the planning research and leg work for you – FREE! 

***Read more about  a fun Disney vacation! ***

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22 Responses

  1. Nicole says:

    We also like to slip contact cards into the kids pockets, just in case they get lost. This list is great!

  2. Stacey says:

    This list is perfect! I’ll have to keep this saved when we plan our trip to Disney so I don’t forget anything! I may add some hand sanitizer as well just in case

  3. Ava says:

    Wow what a great list! I remember those days!

  4. Such a useful list! My brother has two kids, age 3 and a 1 year old, we are always stressed out on what to bring and what not to bring. Of course we do not want to over pack cause at the end we gotta carry it around the park all day long but we don’t want to miss anything neither. Once you are inside the park, its nearly impossible to get anything basic. (A band aid for example.) This post reminded me of my childhood when my mom used to give us walkie talkies to communicate inside the park haha good times 🙂

  5. Lisa says:

    These are some really useful tips! I don’t have kids (yet!) but I can imagine there’s a lot to prepare for. I’ll still use your tips for when I go to Disney, they work for adults too!

  6. Zinara says:

    This is a great list! I anyway take a refillable water bottle during all my trips and it’s way to travel responsibly. Snacks are a must, specially when you are going to Disneyland with kids. Yay to all those healthy granola bars.

  7. Great list! The collapsible reusable water bottle is awesome when travelling, I have one and take it everywhere. Also the poncho! You never know when there’ll be a downpour! I wish we had bought phone chargers on our Disney trip!

  8. Great list! Packing for a day out with kids involves so much more than just going out for the day as a couple or alone. I would add my camera or iPhone to this list as well.

  9. Riely says:

    Definitely need a reusable water bottle to stay hydrated while waiting in the long lineups at Disney. A great list to keep kids happy and parents! Didn’t know Disney has free bug repellent stations. Good to know for next time. Thanks for the tips.

  10. A fantastic list! The reusable water bottle in a genius idea! Would come in soo handy! An autograph book is also essential to get those important autographs from the kid’s favourite characters!

  11. Sam says:

    I always forget sunscreen! Great list!

  12. CourtKramer says:

    Great tips, I had no idea about the free bug spray, definitely good to know!

  13. Kaylie says:

    Bubbles for waiting in line is a brilliant idea. That marker can do double duty as well writing your phone number on the inside of your kids wrist if they get lost.

  14. Lauren Becker says:

    Great list! I tend to forget sunscreen when I got to certain places. I really need to work on that. LOL


  15. Kasi says:

    Great list that everyone needs!

  16. Naomi says:

    Great tips! A day at the park can be super exhausting so it is always good to have your day pack ready to go. I never go anywhere these days without my phone charger. I love it

  17. Very good advice! I would add pick-nick food as it is sooo expensive in the park.

  18. Lisa N says:

    Lots of great tips here, stuff you often don’t think about! Love that backpack!

  19. Sol Solntze says:

    I like the idea of getting a backpack signed. Fabulous souvenir. The bubbles are a great tip too. But I am afraid I was completely distracted by the flavour packs. Don;t have them on this side of the pond. We do have little squash packs – concentrated fruit juice that you can squeeze into water, so I suppose it is the same idea. Usually they come in big bottles (which still need diluting. Errr. Yes. Told you I was distracted.

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