Disney cruise – TIPS

Disney – the most magical of all things.

Disney cruise ship on the open sea

Disney Cruise Tips – Decorate your Door

The doors and walls on a cruise ship are all magnetic! Have fun with this and decorate your door. You’ll see lots of others doing the same.

Each member of our family had a photo of our favorite Disney character on our door. Here is mine!

The aristocrat from Disney movie 'Natalie'

Disney Cruise Tips – Fish Extenders

A fish extender is something you hang outside your cruise ship door to collect small gifts from your fellow travelers. When you book your cruise vacation, join a Facebook fish extender group online to ‘meet’ fellow travelers. You sign up in groups and then plan to exchange while on board.

It is SOO much fun to come back to the room and find the pockets full of trinkets! We had fun collecting them while on board and making them to give away, too! Here are some of the cool gifts we received on our Disney cruise.

fish extender gifts


You need to meet your FE friends BEFORE you head out. Go online to disboards and find people who will be on the cruise with you.  Take trinkets to fill their fish extenders! Get fantastic ideas like these from pinterest.


Disney Cruise Tips – Check for special nights.

Pirate night has dinner with a pirate’s map menu and is followed by the Buccaneer Bash with fireworks! Prepare to dress like a pirate! Simple white shirt and red sash = easy costume. Disney supplies the bandana.


The Educational Tourist and kids on pirate night on Disney cruise


Get great family photos on *optional* dress up night! Get all gussied up with the kids and let a professional take photos.

Disney Cruise Tips – Sunscreen

Be safe in the sun and avoid having a sunburn ruin your wonderful vacation. Bring your own sunscreen. You’ll use a ton of it and it’s cheaper to buy at home.

sunscreen on a knee with a heart inside

Don’t stop at sunscreen! Sun lotions can be greasy and hard to get on wiggly kiddos. You also have to reapply if you are swimming. I prefer to use rash guards and sunscreen clothing. It is always working and you never accidentally ‘miss a spot’ as you might with sunscreen creams and lotions.

I never go anywhere without mine! Here I am in Athens with my robin’s egg blue sunscreen shirt.

The Educational Tourist in front of Acropolis in Athens, Greece

Don’t forget a hat! Hats can keep you from worrying about your hair and your skin! Protect both from the sun.

The Educational Tourist in Delphi, Greece

Read more tips on choosing the perfect hat for YOUR face.

Disney Cruise Tips – Be ready for autographs

Put your item and sharpies in a large ziploc baggie. Deliver to Guest Services upon arrival and they’ll return in your last night.


Love the pillowcase idea!


Disney Cruise Tips – Get the app for that!

Download the Disney Navigator App before you leave home. This will help you plan your day so you don’t miss out on anything!


Disney Cruise Tips – Don’ts

1) Over the door shoe hanger organizers are NOT allowed. They scratch the doors.

2) Irons are a fire hazard and will be taken out of your luggage. If you need to use an iron, there is one in the laundry room on board.

3) Power strip – they blow the circuits in the rooms. Use a docking station instead of a traditional power strip to power up all of your devices. Then you use just one power plug in the room and still get everything charged.

Disney Cruise Tips – Get your trip planning FREE

The Educational Tourist is happy to announce a partnership with the the Pixie Dust Queen. Get all your disney trips planned in every way for FREE: cruises, tickets, hotels, fast passes, and more!

Laura Baustian, PIxie Dust Queen wearing a crown

Let The Educational Tourist plan the trip of your dreams. Call now!


Happy travels filled with pixie dust!

Natalie, The Educational Tourist



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