Disney Cruise – Tips for Cozumel

What to Know When Your Cruise Ship Stops in Cozumel

The day of a shore excursion is an exciting one! What will see? What will you do? These days usually start early so you don’t miss a thing.

Lots of cruise ships stop for a port of call on the Mexican island of Cozumel and Disney is one of them! The Disney Magic, The Disney Fantasy, and Disney Wonder all have itineraries that take them to Cozumel.

Disney Cruise with KIDS – Tips for Cozumel – Arriving in Port

Arriving in port is very exciting! This is a day for exploring. First, set the alarm early so you have time to eat breakfast, gather your things for the day AND get down to the lower level for debarking. (Yes, debark is a real word.) You leave the ship via a ramp that connects it to dry ground.

If you have scheduled an excursion through Disney you’ll head for the meet up area. There you’ll receive a sticker to wear that matches a little sign your leader holds up. This is how Disney keeps things organized with lots and lots of people leaving the ship at the same time. Then, you just follow the leader to meet with your excursion group.

Remember your Key to the World AND a photo ID.  You only need the key to the world to get off the ship but you need BOTH to get back on the ship when you return. I asked what would happen if you forgot the photo ID and was told that security would to escort you back to your stateroom to get it.

Our group met in the lounge and were given Snow White stickers to wear.

boy and girl at port off of a cruise ship

Disney Cruise with KIDS – Tips for Cozumel – Shore Excursions

A Mexican Holiday

A Mexican Halloween and Beach Adventure

Passion Island by Twister

Isla Pasion by Power Catamaran

All-Terrain Buggy and Snorkel At Punta Sur National Park

Secret River and Playa Del Carmen

Atlantis Submarine Expedition

Blue Water Sea Trek Helmet Dive and Snorkel

Caves, Caverns and Paradise Lagoon

Certified Scuba Tour

Chicen Itza Mayan Ruins

Chocolate and Piñata Workshop, Tasting and Wine Pairing

Clear Kayak & Beach Snorkel Combo

Cozumel !2 – Metre Regatta

Beach Break

Cozumel by Private Vehicle

Cozumel Highlights, Ruins and Discover Mexico Cultural Park

Cozumel Highlights, Ruins and Discover Mexico Cultural Park (Adults only)

Cozumel Private Deluxe Catamaran

Cozumel Ruins, Chocolate, and Beach Break

Cozumel’s Golf Excursion

Discover Scuba Diving Cozumel

Dolphin Discovery Cozumel

Dolphin Discovery Observer

Dolphin Kids at Dolphinaris

Dolphin Observer at Dolphinaris

Dolphin Push, Pull and Swim

Dolphin Swim at Dolphinaris

Dolphin Trainer for the Day

Dune Buggy and Beach Snorkel Combination

Eco Park and Snorkel

Sting Ray Adventure (Everybody Loves Rays!)

Fury Catamaran Sail, Snorkel, and Beach Party

Jaguar Truck and Beach Getaway at Punta Sur Park

Jeep Exploration

Mayan Chocolate Experience and Island Tour

Mayan Frontier Horseback Riding Tour

Mexian Cuisine Workshop and Tasting

Ocean View Explorer Tour

Off Road ATV and Beach Break

Salsa and Salsa

Snuba Cozumel

Speed Boat Escape

The Original Tequila Experience by Jose Cuervo

Three Reef Snorkel

Traditional Animal Sculpture Painting Workshop

Tulum Ruins

Turtle Snorkel and Mystic River

VIP Studio and Beach Break

Xcaret Eco Archaeological Park

Xel-Ha Park and River Tubing

Xplore Park

Disney Cruise with KIDS – Tips for Cozumel – Need Help Choosing the Right Cruise Excursion?

The choices can seem overwhelming! (There are more than 50 excursion choices for this port of call!)  If you need FREE help with any portions of your cruise let us know. The Educational Tourist has teamed up with Disney expert travel planner, the Pixie Dust Queen. The Pixie Dust Queen plans all things Disney FREE of charge. 

Laura Baustian, PIxie Dust Queen wearing a crown

Concerned about animal excursions because of the negative things you’ve heard? Not all are bad!

Read about how to tell if an animal experience for your family is good or bad for the animal – here.

Disney Cruise with KIDS – Tips for Cozumel – A Little About Cozumel, Mexico

Czumel is an island just off the east coast of the Yucatan Peninsula. This island is the largest in the Mexico and the oldest island in the Caribbean. Even though it is well known among travelers to Mexico and cruise ships, there is still a lot of pristine, untouched by humans, jungle and beaches. Isn’t it cool that such a thing even still exists on our planet?

Disney Cruise with KIDS – Tips for Cozumel – Interesting Wildlife

Cozumel is one of the top 5 spots to dive in the world because of the fantastic underwater world. The reef here is the second largest in the world and divers come from all over to explore it. The water is also very clear which makes exploring this large reef even better! See some cool photos of the fish and other sea creatures you can see when you dive here.

Cozumel is a great place for people who love birds! The Cozumel vireo and the Cozumel thrasher can’t be found anywhere else. The word Cozumel comes from the Mayan words “cuzamil-pectin” which means “Land of the Swallows” and birds have been a part of this lovely land’s magic for a very long time.

If you are a bird watcher you’ll be interested in joining the Cozumel Birding Club Facebook group for more information.




Here is a new animal for some…the Cozumel Island Coati. This mammal is similar to raccoons and their numbers have declined recently so keep your eye open for this now rare animal.

Remember your binoculars if bird watching is on your list!

Disney Cruise with KIDS – Tips for Cozumel – Flowers and Trees

Palm trees are concentrated heavily in the Caribbean. These tall trees love the heat and the humidity. One interesting bit of information about this type of plant is that every group of palm trees has one common ancestor. The rest of the trees in the group are descendants. Palm trees offer a long list of uses including coconuts, carnauba wax, rattan cane, raffia and one of my favorite things to put into salad – heart of palm.

I love the exotic flowers that grow in the heat. They are colorful and so beautiful! The Lobster Claw is a fantastic example and grows here in Cozumel.

The Prickly Pear Cactus is on the flag of the the country of Mexico and is also a big part of the culture. This plant has been used since ancient times in food and medicine and in soaps and shampoos. Now, scientists have found another use for the Prickly Pear Cactus: renewable energy.

Disney Cruise with KIDS – Tips for Cozumel – Food and Drink

The US Government has updated travel warnings about traveling to Mexico.

“Alcohol: There have been allegations that consumption of tainted or substandard alcohol has resulted in illness or blacking out. If you choose to drink alcohol, it is important to do so in moderation and to stop and seek medical attention if you begin to feel ill.”

Recent news reports say that some alcohol in Mexico is bootleg and unsafe. That is a BIG risk. I suggest thinking long and hard about any alcohol while you are here. Wait till you get back to the cruise ship to indulge.

The flavors of the Yucatecan include sour oranges and achiote. Achiote is a spice used in the Caribbean made from seeds of the annatto bush which makes the dish yellow and gives a nice, earthy flavor. You might have already tried it an not even know because it is used commercially to give color to butter and cheese. Order some before you go to give it a try.

It would make a great souvenir, too! I like to bring back spices to recreate some of the dishes I try when we travel.

The food in the Yucatecan involves some heat, too! Watch out for the habanero peppers which are some of the hottest peppers around! On the pepper heat level scale the habanero is in the crazy hot category! I can tell you that….I have never tried them because I can’t handle even the mildest heat. I’m such a wimp. 😉

I love this quote about the habanero peppers:

“Cooks use them to make a signature fresh salsa called Xnipek, or “dog’s nose” since the first bite is like that sudden shock of a cold, wet nose on your leg.”

Want to see if you can handle the heat before you go on vacation? Order some achiote and give it a try at home!

 Disney Cruise with KIDS – Tips for Cozumel – Beaches

As you might expect from an island, there are beautiful beaches in Cozumel.

Beaches on the west side of Cozumel (between the island and the mainland) are protected from storms that come from the ocean and have at the busier beaches with nice soft sand. The eastern side of the island, open to the weather of the ocean has more rocky spots.

Explore each beach one by one to decide which one is perfect for your Disney cruise excursion!

Cozumel Beaches listed by Travel Yucatan

Best Cozumel Beaches listed by Best Waterfront Destinations

Be prepared for a day with sun and surf at the beach of your choice in Cozumel!

I just love this sand proof blanket. Somehow it is made so that sand goes right through it! This is fantastic because sometimes you get sandy and then can’t get it off of everything!

 Keep your valuables with you to keep them safe. Tucking them under a corner of the blanket or in a shoe is not a safe spot. These waterproof cases let you keep things with you and off your mind! Stop worrying and hoping your things are safe and be prepared.

Look fabulous and stay out of the sun by wearing a sun hat like this one with a wide brim. Sun damage causes wrinkles so channel your inner movie star and keep those wrinkles at bay at the same time. 😉

Sand can get really really hot on your feet! Flip Flops work ok for the grownups but not for the kids who are in and out of the water the whole time. They can lose those flip flops in the water and if they don’t wear them into the water, they’ll burn soft feet running back and forth to you. Water shoes to the rescue!

I love these fun cup holders that sink into the sand. Keep your beverage nearby and upright! These would make super fun fish extenders for your cruise, too! Get some for your new cruise friends.

Being safe in the sun is important and a GREAT gift to give your kids. Remember, sun damage when they are little can mean big problems when they grow up.

Read more about sun safety before your vacation in the sun.

Disney Cruise with KIDS – Tips for Cozumel – Ruins of Tulum and Chichen Itza

These ruins are NOT on the island of Cozumel so they will require a ferry to the mainland and then further travel to the ruins.

Disney Cruise with KIDS – Tips for Cozumel – Kids’ Books set in the Caribbean

Cozumel is part of the Caribbean! If you want a larger list of book choices to read before your trip. **Coming soon – Kids’ Books Set in the Caribbean***

Read more about Disney cruising with KIDS – such a magical adventure for the whole family!

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Disney Cruise – Tips for your Magical Cruise

Disney Cruise ship moored in port

I can make travel planning STRESS FREE! Call now and let’s talk about the trip of YOUR dreams.


Happy travels,

Natalie, The Educational Tourist




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