How to Get SEO Back Links – Disney Blog Posts with Commentluv

How to Get SEO Back Links – Disney Blog Posts with Commentluv

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There are SOO many wonderful travel blogs, lifestyle blogs, and parenting blogs  with travel sections!!

 Disney Travel is EVERYWHERE!

If you are a Disney blogger then you love all things Disney. You can’t possibly read and enjoy all that the internet has to offer. There must be a gazillion Disney blogs! Ah, so much Disney inspiration and so little time. Since you are going to read, enjoy and comment on Disney blogs anyway….why not get SEO back links for your site at the same time?

Visit and comment on Disney blog posts with commentluv installed for SEO back links.

How to Get SEO Back Links – Disney Blogs Posts with Commentluv – Why do these comments matter so much?

Well, that is a complicated story. In short….when you leave comments on blogs without commentluv you do NOT get an SEO link back to your site.

When you leave comments on blogs with commentluv you DO get a link back to your site.

Google LOVES when you get SEO back links to your site. They gave them the clever name ‘back link’ because it is a link back to your site…clever, right? The more SEO back links you get the better google thinks YOU are.

Each SEO back link from another site is a little vote of confidence that your blog is awesome. These votes help Google want to rank you higher.

The higher you rank, the closer to page one of a google search you’ll show up on and thus, the easier it will be for people to find you. More people finding you = more traffic for your blog.

How to Get SEO Back Links – Disney Blogs Posts with Commentluv – How to leave comments for SEO back links

Leaving a comment on a Disney blog post with commentluv to get a good link back to your site is easy! Just read the post and leave a comment.

It should go without saying, but I’ll say it anyway. When you comment – READ the post.

Seriously? Some people don’t READ the post and instead leave fascinating comments like, “Love this!” and “Great job!” which are a complete waste of time for you, the commenter, and the owner of the blog.

Why are those pitifully sad comments such a bad thing? Because any stupid comment like “Love this” will be deleted and you won’t get your SEO back link anyway…so why bother?

Seriously – READ the post. Say something interesting and valuable. Disney bloggers love all things Disney and have great input to offer each other!

Since commentluv attracts all sorts of spam (Don’t be spam! READ the post!) bloggers sometimes get tired of all the spam and stop using commentluv. I’ll update this list as often as possible to delete those blogs that tire of the hassle and delete commentluv. Let me know if you find one the list that no longer uses commentluv.

Laptop on desk, Disney Blog Posts with Commentluv,

Happy reading, commenting and SEO link juice gathering!!

Joyful Journey Mom – Preparing For Our Wish Trip Disney and Give Kids the World 

A Night Owl – Tips for Taking Young Kids to Walt Disney World Resort

Cherish 365 – Behind the Scenes Look at Our Disney World Resort Shoot

Ripped Jeans and Bifocals – 14 Things that are Awesome about a Disney Cruise

The Sophisticated Life – 5 Tips for Planning a Disney World Vacation! 

Busy Moms Helper – Why You Should Eat at Yak & Yeti at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Run to the Finish –  30 Tips to Enjoy a Magical Run Disney Race

Kids are a Trip – Why your Family will love an Adventures by Disney Costa Rica Vacation 

My No Guilt Life – How to 5K at Disney without Running a Step

Busy Bliss – Harry Potter Themed Party

Reel Mama – Mickey and Roadster Racers: Start Your Engines 

Number 2 Pencil – 27 Tips for Visiting Walt Disney World 

My Fave Finds – Five Attractions to Skip at Magic Kingdom

The Red Headed Traveler – 5 Cost Saving Tips for a Disney Cruise 

A Healthy Slice of Life – What You Need to Know Before Your First Family Trip to Disney World

The Malleable Mom – How to Vacation with a Disability

Experienced Bad Mom – A Review of Fishing at Disney World 

Lil Luna – Best Things to Eat at Disney World 

Back to Calley – DIY Salt Dough Necklaces

4 the Love of Family – Disney’s Finding Dory Activities, Printables & Educational Packet 

Busy Moms Helper – Updated Walt Disney World Ride Lists 

Dona Lupes Kitchen – Moana Coloring Sheets from Disney 

Cruise Therapy Travel – Disney Cruise Line Returns for Holiday 2017 Sailings

Integrated Learning Strategies – Disneyland Experience: What to Know about Special Services for Sensory Children and Special Needs at Theme Parks 

Cherish 365 – 100 Things to Do on a Disney Cruise

 Here Come the Hoopers – Disney Passes: All You Need to Know for a First Time Trip

Number 2 Pencil –  29 More Delicious Things to Eat and Drink at Disneyland

Pink Cake Plate –  DIY Disney Inspired Hair Tie Holders

Almost Super Mom – Ultimate Guide to Saving Money on a Disney World Vacation 

Tot Hot or Not – Tips for Visiting Hong Kong Disneyland 

Simple Hacks Living – Disney in the Rain? 7 Fun Things to Do at Walt Disney World When it Rains

A Cookie Before Dinner – How to Have a Meltdown Free Vacation at Walt Disney World

There you have it! 30+ Disney blog posts that use commentluv. Do YOU have a Disney blog post that uses commentluv? Let me know if you would like to add it to the list!

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