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Demi Hugger

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Necessity is the mother of all invention and has been since the beginning of time. A mom, who had so much to carry, invented…the Demi Hugger. Are you thinking, “Why didn’t I think of that?” LOL! Moms are sherpas.

I expected the Demi Hugger to be a great help keeping small pieces of luggage attached to a large piece of luggage. But upon using it I realized it is even better than that –  the END all BE all GREAT help and you need one!! So versatile!

Suitcase with Demi Hugger, Demi Hugger,

We pack light and take 2 large pieces of luggage along with one small carryon per person. This way, hubby can strap 2 carryons to the large pieces to free up my hands to wrangle the kids and tickets. We have tried many products like bungee cords and straps. In spite of everything we tried,  smaller items would often slip off. It was a constant balancing act.

Enter the Demi Hugger!

It has a wide band which covers a LOT of the item/suitcase/purse you are carrying which makes slipping worries a thing of the past. Small item? Tighten the Demi Hugger. Larger item? Loosen the Demi Hugger. It will fit most anything. Strong velcro keeps the hugger right where you put it.

Using Demi Hugger, Demi Hugger,

I love that the Demi Hugger can be placed horizontally

using demi hugger, Demi Hugger,

or vertically


which makes it fit anything you need to lug around, from suitcases to the coats everyone sheds upon entering the building. When not in use they are soft, lightweight and easily stuffed into those outer zippers on the suitcase.

The soft stretchy material is tough enough to hold things securely but gentle enough to keep all the tsum tsums stuffed animals safe and secure without squishing them. 🙂

boy with suitcase, Demi Hugger, www.theeducationaltourist.comtsum tsum stuffed animals in box, Demi Hugger,

The Demi Hugger – Take Away:

*soft, stretchy, secure way to make lugging stuff easier

*great for grown ups and kids

*worth EVERY penny

This would make a fantastic gift for all of the travelers on your list. Buy the blingy ‘mom’ one or the plain one. Crafty customers can add decorations to personalize once you get them home! This might be the perfect landing spot for all the patches I’ve been collecting over the years.

Demi Hugger holding red purse on luggage, Demi Hugger,

Visit Demi Hugger  and tell them The Educational Tourist sent you! We were given this fun product in exchange for an honest review. Honestly? I loved it so much that I bought them for all the travelers on my Christmas list! It really is an awesome product!

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Happy organized travels!

Natalie, The Educational Tourist

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