Cool Vacation Apps – Technology Makes the Journey Better!

These days no one goes anywhere without technology. We use it so much that most people can hardly remember what it was like without it! 

We set up alerts, we use maps, we use guides, we call and text and send photos! We need technology! Apps can make life so much easier – no matter where you are! Here are a few carefully chose, cool vacation apps to make your travels easier.


Cool Vacation Apps – Before you go

Before you go make sure all your gizmos will work in a foreign country without costing you a fortune!  I suggest making sure your phone can make and receive phone calls while you are away in case you get separated from the kids. If they already know your phone number and, heaven forbid, you get separated then the kids can call you.

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If your little one is too small for remembering the phone number, put a note in their pocket with your info. Another great tip is to write your phone number on your little’s arm. If someone is too upset to remember your number, that can be great back up.

Cool Vacation Apps – Google Translation

We try to learn a few words in the local tongue. “Hi, how are you?” along with “Please”  and “Thank you”, can go a long way to making your vacation even better.  BUT, sometimes it is easy to get lost in the translation.

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Having things get lost in the translation can be fun when it comes to signs. Sometimes, though, being understood is really, really important.

Use the Google App when you need to say something important and make sure you are UNDERSTOOD. Food allergies are an important example. Read more about traveling with allergies here.

Once, before apps like this, we were traveling in Venice and caught a boat to Burano, the very colorful island. Our Italian skills were limited and we thought we chose boats to the island carefully, but clearly using an old fashioned language phrase book wasn’t helpful enough. We ended up on the very, very slow boat to Burano which took FOREVER! This was a problem because we absolutely had to catch the train out of Venice that evening. Rather than risk getting another slow boat back we had to skip Burano. 🙁 We still laugh about it and talk about our ‘float by’ of the lovely island of Burano. That wouldn’t happen now with this translation app!

Cool Vacation Apps – Bravolol

This cool app bravolol is like a new fangled phrase book for 13 different languages. Load before you leave and you don’t need internet to use! This works even without wifi.

This is great when the alphabet is different, too because it offers phonetic spelling. Excellent backup for travelers of all types. Find the phrases you need quickly by using the category search.

Cool Vacation Apps – Postagram

I love the real deal…buying cards, and writing them, checking out cool stamps. We take our friend’s addresses and the kids have a great time choosing cards and filling them out. It is also real life practice for several skills the kids learn in school like letter writing, addressing a postcard, punctuation, spelling, and capitalization.

You can use them as fun souvenirs, too. Mail postcards to yourself and then put together to make a fun book of your travels.


Sometimes finding a stamp and a mail box can be hard and time consuming. Now technology makes sending a postcard easy even then!  Use the postagram app to send a photo with just a few clicks! Cool breeze.

Cool Vacation Apps –  XE Currency Converter

If you have trouble multiplying odd numbers in your head while suffering from jet-lag (and for those of us that have trouble doing so even in our own time zone) this XE Currency app is awesome! Just type in the amount, push a button and presto-chango….the amount in the local currency. WAY LOVE!

This makes it easier to negotiate and bargain, too, as the price in conversation keeps changing!


Cool Vacation Apps – Free Wi-Fi Finder

Need wi-fi to stay in touch and want it free? This is your app! Use the Free Wi-Fi app to locate a free spot to get connected. There are over 145,000 free locations worldwide…there is bound to be one near you!

Cool Vacation Apps – City Maps 2 Go

Sometimes getting lost is a great way to explore and have fun in a new destination and sometimes if it is dark, or you have a schedule to keep getting lost can be a disaster! Use the City Maps 2 Go app to get where you want to be.

The Educational Tourist can help you plan the journey of a lifetime!

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Happy and Technology Savvy Travels!

Natalie, The Educational Tourist

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