Choose the RIGHT toy to pack

Busy, happy, engaged kids = peace, quiet and the trip of your dreams! Choose the right toy to pack and make the trip of your dreams a reality.

cup of tea and a book, Choose the right toy,

How to choose the RIGHT toy to pack.

Choose the right toy – It will be quiet

Quiet is the number one criteria. Why, you ask? (Seriously? Do you mean you have to ask this question?) Because there is no zen listening to a loud toy 800 gazillion times  for you or your neighbors, whether at the dinner table, or airline seat, or hotel room!

Choose the right toy –  It can still work if missing a piece.

Have you ever slaved over a puzzle only to get to the end and find a piece missing? That is a bad feeling!

Puzzle with missing piece, Choose the right toy,

Small pieces will get lost…left behind…fall behind an unmovable piece of furniture….or disappear magically as only small toy pieces can. (I think they hide out with all the socks that go missing from the dryer. ) Be sure the to you choose can still be fun without all the pieces.

Choose the right toy – It has multiple uses.

Open ended play is the end all be all tip when it comes to choosing the correct toy. Otherwise…a toy gets boring.

Think…blocks, legos, army men and polly pocket dolls.

legos, Choose the right toy,

Tinker Toys, lincoln logs, and blocks are good choices, too.

boy with tinker toy hat, Choose the right toy,

Choose the right toy –  It is lightweight and small.

Shave weight off anywhere you can!! The lighter the better!

Balloons are fun! Balloons can be raced by blowing or play volley ball with them.

Don’t bring books…download reading material on electronic devices.

Remember paper dolls? They are new and improved now! They feature real people like William and Kate.

Dollhouse Tierney - William and Kate Paper Dolls,


Look at current events like this Hillary Clinton Paper  Doll Collectible Campaign.

HIlary Clinton Paper Doll Collectible Campaign Edition, Choose the right toy,

Look at historical events like Vikings of Legend and Lore by K. O. Leonard.

Vikings of Legend and Lore by Kiri Ostergaard Leonard, Choose the right toy,


Compare fashions of different times…

Great Fashion Designs of the Sixties Paper Dolls by Tom Tierney

Great Fashion Designs of Sixties Paper Dolls, Choose the right toy,

Choose the right toy –  Thinking outside the toy box.

Plastic colorful foldable box, Choose the right toy,

One of my all time favorite ‘toys’ to bring on trips is painter’s tape.

blue painter's tape, Choose the right toy,

It won’t hurt anything like walls and carpets! This is a spy car garage made during a very long layover at an airport! (In case that isn’t obvious.)

art creation with flashlight, toy car, and painter's tape, Choose the right toy,

The uses are endless. Use anything on hand to add to the fun – trashcans make great hotels and parking garages.

boy and car track made out of blue painter's tape, Choose the right toy,

Give it to the kids and turn them loose. Make a web and throw crumbled papers at the sticky side. Thanks handsonaswegrow for the clever idea.

sticky-spider-web-activity, Choose the right toy,

What is your favorite all time toy for travels? I would love to hear all about it!

The Educational Tourist in Ronda, Spain, Choose the right toy,

Happy and quiet travels!

Natalie, The Educational Tourist

The Educaitonal Tourist logo, Choose the right toy,



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  1. Neat piece and spot on! Love the spaceship taking off with the socks and the Lincoln Log “hat!”

  2. Genius!!! I never thought of the tape:) I will definitely bring 2 for my 2 rascals:) Thank you for the tips…

    • NatalieTanner says:

      They’ll enjoy it!! We should buy stock in the company!! Would love to see photos of your creative fun!

  3. Mummy Pat says:

    The toy is the travel essential for kids that I almost always forget. Our eldest will turn anything into a character for acting out little plays. If you give him some felt-tips, he’ll draw for a while, then put them all together to make dinosaurs and start acting out Jurassic Park.

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