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Travel Planner for the family vacation of your dreams!

You can be the travel planner for your family with all the planning information you need – right here with The Educational Tourist

*Family Friendly Restaurants

*Hints for Flying with the Kids

*Books to read about YOUR destination

*How to Get Through Airport Security

and MORE

The Educational Tourist and kids in Caribbean

10 Travel Photography Tips for Family Vacations 1

10 Travel Photography Tips for Family Vacations

 10 Travel Photography Tips for Your Next Family Vacation *contains affiliate links* A vacation trip with the whole family is truly one for the books. It is a great time to bond, have fun,...

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Road Trip Packing List

ROAD TRIP!! *contains affiliate links* Who remembers road trips? We took road trips when I was a kid. I remember coloring in my coloring books and playing lots of games like ‘I spy’ and...

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How I afford travel – guest post

Travel is a wonderful way to make memories and explore all that is amazing in the world. It is also expensive. How do you afford a family vacation? These great tips from Jane Sandwood,...

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Travel Games for Kids

Keep Road Trip Kids Happy with Travel Games for Kids *Contains Affiliate Links* Travel Games for Kids make all the difference in the world when it comes to a happy traveling group of kids!...

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Beach Honeymoon Tips

Beach Honeymoon Tips The beach can be the perfect spot for a romantic honeymoon.  Choose a quiet spot of beach to relax and unwind after your wedding. All inclusive resorts are perfect for beach...

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The Time to Travel: Now

When is the BEST time to travel? The BEST time to travel is now – 2018! What are you waiting for? Ah, Miss Scarlet! The Queen of putting things off …. There is always...