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Travel Planner for the family vacation of your dreams!

You can be the travel planner for your family with all the planning information you need – right here with The Educational Tourist

*Family Friendly Restaurants

*Hints for Flying with the Kids

*Books to read about YOUR destination

*How to Get Through Airport Security

and MORE

The Educational Tourist and kids in Caribbean

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Planning a family adventure

Multigenerational Travel Everyone loves the idea of a family trip, but with so many ages and backgrounds and interests, how do you make it wonderful for everyone? How do you make everyone happy? Different...

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Road Trip Packing List

ROAD TRIP!! *contains affiliate links* Who remembers road trips? We took road trips when I was a kid. I remember coloring in my coloring books and playing lots of games like ‘I spy’ and...

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Vacations – Enjoy Family Time

Family Vacations –  Plan to Spend Time Together I read an interesting blog recently about a lady who, while on vacation with her spouse, chose to spend one day alone – giving up the...

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How to Sleep on a Plane

You CAN sleep on a plane. It IS possible. How to Sleep on a Plane *contains affiliate links* Sleep is really important! When you sleep, your brain is healing, rebooting, preparing. A lack of...

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Long Haul Flight Essentials

What to pack for a long haul flight *one item sponsored* *contains affiliate links* No matter how many times I fly, I still learn ways to make those flights easier and smoother. Packing tips...